Have You Heard About the “Barefoot Running Shoes” Song?

Running is an expression of freedom and nothing exudes the feeling of being free than barefoot running. But who would have thought that a song would be derived from it?

Sarah Betts did!

We were quite surprised when this Cambridge native shared to us her original raw recording of a piano-vocal musical piece entitled “Barefoot Running Shoes.” According to Sarah, barefoot running has given her two things and these are being FREE and HAPPY. And, with this song, she hoped that a lot of people would go and listen to it so that they too could feel what she has felt about minimalist running.

Of course, we were curious and thrilled to know about this inspirational runner and composer. We found out that she is inclined toward the arts such as Philosophy and History of Art plus she’s studying Italian as well. When she does not study, she dabbles with music and she shares that the “Barefoot Running Shoes” song was written when she was just 15 or 16 years old.

We wondered whether there was something deeper to the song but according to Sarah, it does not actually recount any past experiences. Instead, it was borne out of the sheer freedom and happiness that she felt with running barefoot. The activity in itself evolved into ideas and eventually, the words of the song. She added that she was in an unchained and merry mood when she developed the piece.

The recording, which you can listen to here, sounds organic and raw. It is unedited in a way that you can visualize the artist just sitting at home and playing the piano while singing. A breath of fresh air really, compared to the latest bings and bangs of synthesizers and electric beats. In short, it is like barefoot running – natural and uninhibited.

Most of us would think that minimalist shoes and barefoot running is healthy for the body but Sarah Betts proves to us that it is likewise instrumental to a happy and inspired spirit. Perhaps it is indeed time that scientific debate about barefoot running vs. running with trainers be put to rest and we can all start looking at this form of activity as something which meets more than the human eyes.

Hopefully, we can all be inspired like Sarah Betts. We feel grateful for having the chance to be able to share it with other running enthusiasts as well. Let’s all find inspiration to live a healthier life and have a healthier spirit through barefoot running!

Enjoy the song: The Barefoot Running Shoes Song

If you want to learn more Sarah sent us this email about herself and her song:

… You mentioned you wanted to know a little about me and why I wrote this song… well in all honesty there is no one specific event which the song is recounting. I just thought that the idea of running barefoot was quite evocative of a sense of freedom and happiness, and I was in that sort of a mood so I wrote that sort of a song.

My life so far is pretty uneventful so I will keep biography succinct. I was born in Cambridge and have lived here all my life. I have just finished sixth form where I studied Philosophy, Art, History of Art, and Italian. I enjoy music in my spare time and have been writing songs since my early teens and I wrote “Barefoot running shoes” when I was 15 or 16 (I can’t quite remember). My family have been suggesting I record some of these songs for ages (for the purposes of entertaining the grandparents) and I have only just got round to it. I have made 6 recordings so far and there are about 10 left to do.

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