Barefoot Running Socks: Injinji Review

The term “Barefoot Running Socks” is a bit odd since the mere fact of you wearing these so called “barefoot socks” means you are in fact NOT barefoot. But despite the confusion of the name (this site is called Barefoot Running SHOES btw) I am still going to write a review of the Injinji socks, an innovative and comfortable sock that pairs perfectly with the Vibram Five Fingers Shoes.


Cost of Injinji Socks

I bought the Injinji socks from a  outdoors sports store for 14 bucks a pair.  You can also get a pack of 3 for around the same price here. I’ve seen similar socks that my friends got from Japan for much cheaper (around 5 bucks a pair or less), but the material of the Injinji socks are much more durable and feel like they will last much longer.  If you’re thinking about buying Vibram Five Fingers shoes, I’d recommend that you buy a pair of Injinji socks as well.

Sizing of Barefoot Socks

My first thought was that the Injinji socks would make the vibram five fingers shoes too tight so when I went to the store I decided to ask the salesman what size I should get.  He suggested the large size which covers size 43 and up.

Here is the official sizing chart:


For additional information on sizing of the Vibram Shoes themselves, click here.

Vibram KSO and Injinji Socks Unite

I wear a size 43 KSO.  If you were to follow the charts you would probably get the “large” pair of socks which also tell you that they are made for size 43 and above.  This was what the  store helper was recommending as well.  Until he found out that my main purpose in purchasing the socks was to wear with the Vibram Five Fingers Shoes,  He said the smaller size would make the Vibrams fit better, not allowing too much material between toes.  He was correct.  The “medium” size fit perfectly while wearing the Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

Initial Thoughts on Comfort Of Injinji Socks

When first wearing the socks, it felt a little tight around the toes after pulling the socks up.  This was probably due to the fact that my feet just weren’t used to this type of sock.  After a while, it felt very comfortable.  It was so comfortable that in my opinion it still felt as if you were relaxing barefoot.  Even wiggling your feet felt more natural than doing so in socks.

Benefits of Wearing Injinji Barefoot Running Socks

The main benefit for me is that you are allowed to wear your Vibram Five Fingers for longer periods of time without washing them due to the stink of sweat.  The socks do a good job of absorbing some of the sweat and smell from wearing the Vibram shoes for long periods of time.  One of my complaints of the Vibram Five Fingers shoes was that they can get a bit sweaty if your feet tend to sweat a lot like mine do.

Some Information From the Manufacturers Injinji

Proven in the simplest and most extreme conditions, the Performance series tetratsok is becoming the choice interface for amateur and professional athletes alike. Engineered with AIS: technology and constructed with a wicking fiber made of CoolMax® and a resistant outer shell of durable nylon, the Performance tetratsok protects, prevents and out performs any ordinary tube closed sport sock.

* Engineered w/ AIS technology and constructed with:
* 70% CoolMax®
* 25% Nylon
* 5% Lycra®

Great For running, walking, cycling, track & field, cross training, multi-sport.

CoolMax® in an enhanced polyester fiber and is the industry leader when it comes to moisture management. CoolMax® fabric is specifically designed to provide not only superior moisture management but also to enhance the wearer’s comfort. All benefits of CoolMax® are built into the fiber requiring no chemical treatments like many other wicking fabrics.


I think the Injinji socks are a great addition to your Vibram Five Finger’s collection, they allow you the benefits of wearing socks without compromising the barefoot running style of running while wearing them.  They also allow you to wear your Vibram Five Finger shoes longer without having to wash them after every other use or so.

For more information on purchasing these socks, check them out at our store here.

2 thoughts on “Barefoot Running Socks: Injinji Review”

  1. Just bought my first pair of these socks. I LOVE them. Wear them with my VivoBarefoot shoes…great addition as they keep the skin between my toes dry.

  2. Hey there ! I know everyone’s different but I do feel like I’m at the same stage as you were when you bought your flow and tried them on with the socks.
    My toes feels a bit compressed and I’m thinking if I have to run in snow with those, will the blood find its way there ?
    So, my question to you is this : you said that you felt a bit squeezed in the beginning. When you started running, did you still felt like the socks made the shoes too small ? Are you running in snow ?
    Because, here in Montreal, I’ll be running snow deep. And since the only store doesn’t carry the Flow (because they say they don’t sell enough of those) I’m debating to send those back and get a size bigger.
    By the way, I’m the exact same size as you are, a 43, and I’m wearing a Injinji sock, size small… for woman ! And I still feel a bit trap !
    Looking forward to your answer !
    Thanks !


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