Barefoot Running Product List

Vibram Five Fingers

The original barefoot running shoe. Often sold out, the Vibrams have been hot and are only getting more popular everyday.

Nike Free Shoes

Nike’s rendition of barefoot running. The lightweight and comfortable shoe has been very popular. Although they fit very differently than the Vibram Five Finger shoes, they have often been compared to them.

Newton Running Shoes

High-end running shoes that train you to run properly. Many who have tried them swear they are the most comfortable and durable running shoes they’ve encountered.

New Balance Barefoot Shoes

New Balance, a leader in specifically running shoes have created their own barefoot style running shoe. This popular version has been compared to the Nike Frees and has a very reasonable price tag associated with it.


Inov-8 shoes are extensively tested by international athletes to ensure that each type of footwear performs as it should. This makes Inov-8 a great reliable brand in the UK and the US.

Kigo Shoes

If you want a shoe that is designed for both active men and women, then Kigo Shel is the choice for you. It is has a mixture of toe bumper and thin, high-grip rubber outsole to make it the best option for walking, hiking and trail running even in wet situations.

Vivo Barefoot Shoes

What’s nice about the Vivo Barefoot shoes is that they are causal barefoot shoes. So if you just want something to match your outfit or something wear to work these shoes will work perfectly.

Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot Shoes

Stylish, eco-friendly, comfortable and packed with variety are some terms to describe the Vivo Barefoot line of shoes. With it’s unique 3mm thick soles, you’re just a thin layer away from barefooting. To find out more about them, click

Running and Training Books

If you want to learn more about throwing your own 5K events or how to successfully run marathons, you can read more about them in this section, risk free.

Born To Run

The book that introduced many barefoot running concepts, ideas and products to the market. The book is not only very informative but well written and entertaining.

Other Popular Running Shoes

If barefoot running shoes is not exactly what you’re looking for, you can check out other popular shoes here.

Superfeet Insoles

High end insoles that many say are better than custom made orthotics. They come in a variety of sizes and feet type and were created to help those inflicted with chronic feet and leg problems.


Injinji Socks

Comfortable socks that go hand in hand with Vibram Five Fingers. A more detailed review of the Injinji socks are found here.