Barefoot Shoe News: Barefoot Running is a Rising Trend, Exclusive Interview, and Tennessee’s Barefoot Run/Walk

This week’s rundown of barefoot shoe news include a cover story of the rising popularity of going almost-barefoot, an exclusive interview with a bestselling author and the first barefoot run/walk in Tennessee.

This Rising Trend is More Than Just a Novelty

The 2009 bestselling book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall has ignited a renewed interest in barefoot running among runners over the last year. In fact, barefoot and minimalist runners alike have continuously sprouted from around the country and even overseas to bask in the benefits that barefoot running brings.

Some of the benefits of running barefoot or with minimalist shoes are: it can strengthen your feet and improve the way you run; and it helps you avoid massive striking with the heel which can minimize injuries.

Freeman Health System’s Mick Ward, who is the Rehabilitation Services and Sports Medicine Director said, that the cushioning and high-tech assembly of modern running shoes have possibly caused feet to become less trained and less durable than they used to be.

Read more about this story here Running Almost-Barefoot is a Growing Trend or here Shoes Simulate Barefoot Running.

Interview with Christopher McDougall

Duncan Larkin of sits down with the author of Born to Run, Christopher McDougall to reveal his thoughts on barefoot running, his bestselling book and more.

Have fun reading The Barefoot Brahmin: Exclusive Interview With Christopher McDougall.

UT’s Barefoot Benefit First Run/Walk

Six undergraduates from UT have organized the country’s first barefoot run/walk to benefit the Samaritan Place, a home for the elderly in East Tennessee. Barefoot Benefit will have its first event on October 24, 2PM at Lambert Acres Golf Course, Maryville.

Participants can choose to run or walk for 3.1 mile or 1 mile distance. They can also opt to wear running shoes and Vibram FiveFingers if running barefoot is not their thing.

Get more of this news here UT Students Organize Barefoot Benefit.

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