Barefoot Shoe News: Barefoot Running Workshop, Orthopedic Doctors’ Take on Running Barefoot and the 75 Year Old Marathoner

Let’s take a look at the buzz about barefoot running for this week. First off, we have a barefoot running workshop in Portland. Then let’s see what orthopedic doctors have to say about going shoeless and finally, get to meet a 75-year marathoner.

Portland’s Barefoot Running Workshop

Edge Performance Fitness has tapped several barefoot running experts including Portland’s well-known and favorite barefoot runner, Leif Rustvold, to host a workshop on November 6-7 about Barefoot Running.

Click here for more details about the workshop.

Barefoot Running by Orthopedic Doctors

The rising trend of going barefoot has steadily increased in the last year or so. Advocates have preached about the benefits of wearing minimalist footwear to having no shoes at all. But what do orthopedic doctors have to say about this trend?

Beth Israel Medical Center’s (NYC) director of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, Robert Gotlin, said that how you land on your foot when running can significantly change the impact of the force on your body. This is more commonly known as the foot’s biomechanics.

Barefoot runners enjoy reduced impact of force upon their bodies. Along with this, their plantar fascia muscles, the muscles that are found along the foot’s sole, are also strengthened plus occurrence of shin splits are minimized. On the flip side, landing on the front of the foot may lead to some complications with their Achilles tendon not to mention that they may also accidentally step on anything.

The verdict? Read more here Running barefoot, bizarre or beneficial?

Marathon’s Oldest Competitor?

This may seem hard to believe but it’s true! 75-year old Bruce Tulloh, together with his 68-year old wife Sue, is going to join and compete in the anniversary Marathon Athens on October 31 barefooted.

A former Marlborough College biology teacher, Bruce Tulloh is not an amateur however. In fact, he is one of Britain’s greatest long distance runners. He was the 5,000 metres gold medal winner of the 1962 European Games.

He got through most of his races without footwear although he did use five pairs of shoes in 1965 when he raced across the USA in 65 days.

You can read more about his journey as a track star here: Marlborough track star’s marathon bid at 75.

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