Barefoot Shoe News: Military Debates, Shunning Shoes, and a Fun Run

In this week’s roundup of barefoot shoe news we have a military members debating the effectiveness of Vibram FiveFingers, people running marathons without shoes, and a cancer benefit barefoot run.  Keep reading to learn more.

Military Debate Over Vibram FiveFingers

Believe it or not, the VFFs are causing such a commotion in the US Military footwear standard today. Military officers are divided in their opinions about the acceptability of the VFFs as a part of a soldier’s uniform. Some base commanders even tagged the VFFs as too faddish while some Marine Corps leaders have no problem with them whatsoever.

In Kandahar however, there are military doctors who are promoting the use of VFFs and even prescribing them to runners who are recovering from their injuries. According to Navy doctor and physical therapist Lt. Cmdr. John Mahoney at Kandahar, “VFFs are the best thing out there for rehabilitating lower extremity injuries. I have converted a heck of a lot of people since I got here.”

Read more about this military controversial issue here On Your Toes.

Marathon Runners Shunning Shoes

On a lighter note, more and more people are exchanging their traditional footwear for a pair of minimalist or barefoot running shoes or choose to have no shoes at all.

A marathon in Chicago, which attracted 45,000 runners, have their fair share of barefoot runners too. Advocates disclose that “running barefoot eases pain, opens up body to a whole new sensual experience.” Find out what other barefoot runners have to say about their experience with the marathon here Some Runners Shun Shoes.

Barefoot Run to Benefit Cancer Center

Chicago is not the only city with barefoot running advocates. Orlando, Florida with sponsorship by, will also host a Barefoot Fun Run for the MD Anderson Cancer Center on November 13, 2010. The Fun Run is not just limited to barefoot or minimalist runners. also welcomes traditional footwear and running shoe runners especially since their goal is to “communicate the benefits of minimalist footwear while raising money for a good cause.”

More of the story here Orlando Area Barefoot Run to Benefit Cancer Center.

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