Best Barefoot Shoes

In this section we review the best barefoot shoes. Making this list is no mean task, for we select only the best shoes for barefoot running from all the top barefoot shoe brands, including:

  • Vibram Five Fingers
  • Nike Free
  • FeelMax
  • Newton Running
  • Inov-8
  • New Balance
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • Soft Star
  • Golite
  • Zem
  • Merrell
  • Jinga

Shoes for Barefoot Running Criteria

We evaluate these shoes against the following criteria:

  • Durability – how long will the barefoot shoe last? Can it survive rugged conditions?
  • Comfort – is it lightweight? Can you wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable?
  • Performance – does it improve your strength and balance? Serve your training purposes?
  • Cleanliness – does it stink without proper care? Is it easy to wash?
  • Flexibility / Elasticity – would the shoe be flexible? Can you bend the shoe completely or only halfway?
  • Protection – which part of the shoe does it protect? The whole shoe or only the sole?
  • Style – how do the shoes look on you? Would you feel comfortable wearing this to a party? Or would it be strictly for running?
  • Price – is the shoe value for money?

The best barefoot shoes that have made the list so far include:

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