10 Best Minimalist Trail Running Shoes 2015

Take a peek at the 10 best minimalist trail running shoes for 2015 here. Ditch your old, thick-soled trail running shoes and make way for the trendiest and most comfortable footwear specially made to conquer even the steepest peak. Footwear has gone minimalist these days making them as light as possible while as other brands have gone as far as re-creating a ‘barefoot’ feel to your feet. This new kind of shoes does not only break the popular image of a thick trail running shoes but it also promotes a safer pair in which you could move a lot more with less possible injuries and more flexible.

Science has been injected to create minimalist trail running shoes. Good design was then integrated for a more appealing pair that every shoe buyer would love. Indeed, footwear has come a long way and this revolutionary concept perfectly suit the needs and lifestyle of every adventurer. Here are the 10 best minimalist trail running shoes that you should see or buy.

Altra Lone Peak

Altra Lone Peak is named as one of the 10 best minimalist trail running shoes by many review sites and consumers. This shoe simply provides good ankle stabilization while enjoying a comfortable feel even after long hours in hard terrains. Its high, round shape design on its forefoot area gives runners enough room for the toes to spread once it touches the ground. Altra Lone Peak is designed with semi-soft foam cushioning that exhibits just the right firmness and compression. Its flexible and stable design appraises its value to runners as it easily conquers all types of terrain. Many runners have applauded Altra Lone Peak with its zero-drop platform.
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TrekSta Edict

The great thing about TrekSta Edict is its ability to provide a breathable and just the right space for your toes to expand or spread out once it hits the ground. TrekSta Edict aims to fit perfectly in your feet to provide the precise amount of space needed for movement. You may feel a little restricted but in a comfortable way since more foot movement inside a shoe could lead to injury. Its insole is specially designed according to your to your need and its midsole keeps you from feeling the rocks or the hard surface you have to trail. TrekSta Edict provide great support and cushioning for a long trail run.
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New Balance RC 5000

This is the perfect pair for trail running. New Balance RC 5000 is lightweight and offers a good fit for all types of feet. It takes pride on its ingenuity in constructing a minimalist trail running shoe that responds well even on flat surfaces. Its high traction feature makes this pair the best option for speed workouts and racing. Unlike other minimalist trail running shoes, New Balance RC 5000 has no additional cushioning which makes it more comfortable yet still giving you the durability and flexibility you are looking for.
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Adidas Adizero XT4

One of the most trusted footwear brands in the world introduces Adidas Adizero XT4. This is specifically created to conquer all types of terrains and surfaces without compromising flexibility and durability. Adidas Adizero XT4 allows runners to run smoothly on rocky terrains. Its wider and roomy toebox gives enough space for your toes to expand and be comfortable during an impact with the ground. It gives a secure and safe fir around the heel collar which lessens possible injuries.
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Mizuno Wave EVO Ferus

Mizuno Wave EVO Ferus is one fierce pair geared for midfoot running in all types of trails and usrfaces. Runners would love this pair as it gives maximum protection, stability and comfort which nothing could rival. Its wave technology adds to its power for long distance trail running. It boasts of its high traction and secure grip which provide the runners with enough movement without discomfort and pain even for high speed runs.
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New Balance Minimus 1010v2 Trail

A lot of seasoned trail runners have been thrilled when New Balance has released its Minimus 1010v2. Unlike other trail running shoes, this pair does not snug in the midfoot area which gives you plenty of room to move, jump and go over rocky terrains. Its additional support in midfoot adds balance and stability. The great thing about New Balance Minimus 1010v2 is how well engineered its rubber outsole is. It is constructed to create steady flow of action without any restriction of movements.
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Columbia Ravenous Lite

If you are looking for a light, breathable yet durable trail running shoes then pick Columbia Ravenous Lite. This pair perfectly hugs your foot with no discomfort since its extra cushioning adds support and stability. Its inverted heel design maximizes the power on how you could support and control your movements. Its weight increases your agility as you speed up on different terrains. Columbia Ravenous Lite is framed with a breathable mesh that allows enough air to circulate within.
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Merrell Ascend Glove

Merrell has been known to manufacture high quality footwear and their installment for minimalist trail running shoes, Merrell Ascend Glove, keeps runners on the edge of their seats. It is designed for long distance trail running. It drains well and dries fast which a lot of other trail running shoes manufacturers overlooked. It feels like running barefoot which gives you an ample room for movement and control.
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Merrell Trail Glove

Merrell Trail Glove is fit for runners who enjoy long distance trail running and even some sockless adventure on the road. Many have said that this pair is the perfect choice for those who opt for ultraminimal shoes. Nothing is intimidating with the design as most of them are low key and not as vibrant in colors as other brands. It strengthens your feet and add durability and flexibility on the side.
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Salomon S Lab Sense Ultra

The shoe is originally designed to be worn sockless for a certain race. This is designed for long distances since it is offers just enough cushioning, protection, flexibility and stability. A lot of runners have exalted the creation of Salomon Sense Ultra as this gives them comfort at its finest. Its modified lug pattern has increased its power and traction. It allows the foot to get through different types of terrain without problems. This is highly recommended by many runners.
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These 10 best minimalist trailing running shoes for 2014 are what our editors have identified – do you have others you would like to recommend? Please comment below.