Best TRUE Elliptical Reviews

Elliptical machines from the TRUE line will be discussed below in the TRUE Elliptical reviews – 6 best discussion provided. Elliptical machines are good to exercise on and are produced by various manufacturers. The TRUE brand contains some good ellipticals. TRUE Fitness can be regarded as being a very respected company that focuses on fitness goods, being able to provide quality, durability, along with performance. They have been doing this from 1981. TRUE also has award-winning products.


1. True M30
The TRUE M30 elliptical can be purchased for not much. This machine claims to be composed from good materials. It has a very sturdy type of stable platform. This elliptical has TRUE’s patented amazing Heart Rate Control technology along with HRC Cruise Control. You can use TRUE’s amazing program to make your workout exciting. This machine has wonderful side steps which will let you come safely on the machine and also get off safely, and will also let you have a precise upper-body workout only. This machine will let you have a full body workout. This it does by containing necessary features which will help you remain excited. In this way it aims to enhance your fitness equipment. This elliptical has very small footprints, therefore being space-friendly. This elliptical does not feature adjustable incline.


2. True M50
The M50 elliptical from the TRUE Fitness line will cost you not much to buy. This elliptical has ergonomic type of multi-grip handles. To make it comfortable to employ it also has orthopedic-cushioned type of soft footpads. This elliptical therefore has features that are for the benefit of its users. You will get TRUE’s Heart Rate Control technology as well as HRC Cruise Control in this machine. This machine has a modern type of look due to its sleek, curved appearance. Having very small footprints, this elliptical will not take up much space. You will get a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 5 year one on parts and a one year one on labor.

PS300 Elliptical: TRUE Elliptical Reviews – 6 Best

3. PS300 Elliptical True Elliptical Reviews 10 Best
You will get TRUE’s Core Drive System along with side steps with this machine. The footpads have been designed in such a way so as to make the machine comfortable to employ. They are orthopedic ones which are soft and cushioned and also anti-fatigue ones. This elliptical has a heart rate monitoring feature. There are extended handrails along with molded rubber as well as moisture resistant type of grips so that you can use this machine comfortably. The biomechanically engineered kind of handle positioning gives you much comfort when you are working out. This elliptical claims to be made from commercial-grade materials along with amazing components so that it can stay good for long. You will get 12 precise preset workouts with this machine. The residential warranty encompasses a lifetime one on the frame, a 7 years one on parts and a one year one on labor.

ES700 Elliptical Containing Escalate 9 Console

6. ES700 Having an Emerge LED Console
The ES700 elliptical has TRUE’s Core Drive System as well as side steps. The footpads are orthopedic, soft, cushioned ones. This machine is Polar compatible. Basic iPods can connect to it also. There is also a USB port that can be used to send workout data. You will get TRUE’s unique Cardio 360 programming as well as Auto Stide Technology. This machine has 28 workouts that are preset ones, along with 4 workouts that are saved. This elliptical has commercial-grade materials. It has an attractive look. This machine aims to give you as much natural movement as it can. You will also get multiple console options if you get this elliptical. It has an ESCALATE 9” console which lets you enjoy working out with programs, audio enjoyment that is basic, along with TRUE mobile app communication through USB. A complaint with this elliptical from a customer states that it may give off a clicking noise. The residential warranty for this elliptical includes a lifetime one on the frame, a 7 year one on parts and a one year one on labor.

PS100 Elliptical

5. PS100 Elliptical
Present within the list of TRUE elliptical reviews – 6 best, this elliptical is made in such a way so as to give amazing performance along with comfort. It has a front drive motion that is rather smooth. This will give you an awesome low-impact type of workout whilst also providing good results. This elliptical is a self-generating one. It has a hybrid type of self-generating brake. The PS100 has a 21” specific stride length. It also has footpads that are molded anti-slip ones. This is so that you can have a wonderful workout.

ES700, Having an Emerge LED Console

4. ES700 Elliptical Containing Escalate 9 Console
This TRUE elliptical that is also an ES700 model has an Emerge LED console. This machine has TRUE’s Core Drive System as well as side steps. The footpads are also orthopedic anti-fatigue ones. You will get the heart rate monitoring feature with this machine. This elliptical also has TRUE’s Cardio 360 programming along with Auto Stide Technology. This elliptical has 12 preset workouts. This machine also has commercial-grade materials. The Emerge LED console of this elliptical has a design that tends to be simple. This allows users to use it easily. EMERGE is perfect for individuals who wish to concentrate on their workout.

Ellipticals from the TRUE line are rather costly as seen from the above TRUE elliptical reviews – 6 best discussion. If you prefer the features that they have then you can pick one that you prefer so as to keep yourself fit and looking good. You can look at various ellipticals from the wonderful TRUE line and choose the one you like.

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