4 Best Weslo Elliptical Reviews

Looking for the 4 best Weslo elliptical reviews? Look no further!

Weslo, with its motto of fitness for real people, is one of the more popular fitness brands out there which is affordable and provides a great range of products to choose from.

Weslo also develops elliptical trainers. Now, elliptical trainer no longer just a fad, but a unique product that has won the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. It has often been compared to conventional cardio, but it’s more than that. In fact, many research has shown that ellipticals are known to be quite diverse when it comes to its benefits.

Here are the top picks from Weslo:

Weslo Momentum G3.1 Elliptical Trainer

Weslo Momentum G3.1 Elliptical Trainer

Out of the entire series, this model has got to be my favourite among the 4 best Weslo elliptical reviews. The Momentum G3.1 utilizes Silent Magnetic Resistance for a more challenging and effective workout.

Silent Magnetic Resistance is a modern feature that can be found in many elliptical machines. One of 3 types of resistance mechanism, it uses a magnetic field to increase or decrease the resistance on any elliptical machine in relation to the flywheel. Since it doesn’t have any moving parts, Silent Magnetic Resistance can be adjusted quickly. Not only that, this system also is more fluid and quiet. However, most machine utilizing this technology tend to be more expensive compared to motorized or manual mechanisms.

With a 12 inch stride length, it’s great for a variety of users and creates a comfortable elliptical motion for your exercise. The flywheel has been inertia-enhanced and the machine is capable of carrying up to 250 lbs.

The simple LCD display is clear and concise, displaying useful information such as speed, time, distance, and calories burned. there’s even an RPM meter to determine your speed so you can go faster or slower as needed. Easy to set up and compact enough for home users as well. Additional features include transport wheels and water bottle holder.

Weslo Airwalker

Weslo Airwalker

If you need to get in shape but can’t afford to break the bank, get the Weslo Airwalker. It’s a simple machine but highly effective in burning the calories you gained from that last party. The Airwalker has frictionless movements designed to reduce stress on your knees and joints while providing a comfortable workout experience. A cushioned handgrip ensure you won’t be feeling sore afterwards.

It also has oversized foot platforms so that anyone can use it, as well as ensuring stability and comfort. Devoid of all the electronics other elliptical machines have, it does however have an EKG Pulse Sensor on the thumb grip so you can check your heart rate. If you have a space problem in your home, don’t worry as the Weslo Airwalker has a folding mode which enables easy and compact storage.

Weslo Deluxe Elliptical Trainer

Weslo Deluxe Elliptical Trainer

The Weslo Deluxe Trainer is on the higher price range, but packs all the necessary features you’ll need. Oversized pedals and a 17 inch stride length allows for maximum comfort and safety as it mimics human biomechanics. It has a heart rate monitor sensor to track your heart rate throughout the entire exercise.

With 10 levels of resistance, you can vary your workouts from easy to challenging. A large LCD display provides clear and concise information you can use to determine your target, while the 4 preset programs will guide you like a personal trainer. You get so much for such an affordable price too!

Weslo Momentum G 3.2 Hybrid Trainer

Weslo Momentum G 3.2 Hybrid Trainer

The Weslo Momentum G 3.2 is a hybrid trainer with functions of a bike and an elliptical machine. Versatile and safe, this comes with great features you can use to get in shape. With an adjustable resistance level, you can tailor your workout from easy to difficult, while the oversized pedals make sure you have the stability for a safe and low impact workout.

A hybrid elliptical trainer has many more benefits compared to a conventional elliptical machine. The upright elliptical trainer position gives you upper and lower body workout without causing undue stress on knees and joints which is great for people who suffer from joint related injuries. The seated position, or recumbent, provides more back support and focuses the exertion towards specific target muscles like the legs, glutes and calves.

The G 3.2 has an oversized user friendly LCD display with information like speed, distance, calories burned, time and heart rate to easily determine your fitness progress and achievements. Made of high quality materials, it’s easy to assemble and the transport wheels makes for quick storage, important for those using it in homes.

Compared to other fitness equipments like the treadmill, or even running, elliptical machines are known for having a very low impact on the knees and joints, reducing the chances of an injury. In fact, it’s highly recommended that people with joint or knee injury use elliptical machines to protect themselves from any more stress on their damaged joints.

Most ellipticals also come with moving handlebars that move in unison with the pedals, allowing for upper body workouts that you can’t get with a treadmill. Some machines have been devised to target specific muscles as well. That’s why the 4 best Weslo elliptical reviews can help you make the best choice.

Picking the right elliptical machine can be a confusing and daunting task. With all the available options out there, it’s no surprise that the average consumer will feel unsure about making any investment, especially when machines can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s always important to do your research, and to find which elliptical machine fits your needs. Use our 4 best Weslo elliptical reviews as a general guide to make your purchase today!

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