Cash for Shoe Reviews

As our site grows we want to involve the community and get shoe reviews from people all over the world. So here’s our proposal:

Write us a review that we use on our site and we will immediately send you $10.00 USD via PayPal. Here’s the rules:

  • Write us a review of any shoe you deem a “barefoot running shoe” and why.
  • We want you to write about your experiences with the shoe. This includes information about the durability, style, wear and tear and your experiences while running in them.
  • We welcome positive and negative reviews. All we ask is that you are honest.
  • We want you to include images and videos if you have them.
    • There is a MUCH better chance we will use your review if you show them in use via video or pictures.
  • The review must be at least 650 words.
  • We do not guarantee that your review will be displayed on our site but if it does, we will notify you and send you the payment of $10.00 USD
  • We have the right to modify and edit the content and images. This is mainly to insure there are minimal grammatical errors and everything looks good. We do not want to change the point and ideas within the review.
  • We only publish content we feel is relevant, honest and high in quality from our readers.

Feel free to email your reviews or any questions you may have at:

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