Barefoot Running Country by Country

Barefoot Running has become a truly global movement since Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University published his research on barefoot running and his observations about the heel strike. The heel strike concentrates up to three times one’s body weight on an area the size of a coin. Barefoot runners land instead on the sides or balls of their feet, thus much better cushioning the impact. As Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run, notes, barefoot running is not the fad; shoes are. Human beings have run without shoes for millions of years.

Because we have been so accustomed to running with normal shoes, the transition to barefoot running can take a while. It is therefore all the more important that you get connected with local communities who can help and offer direct personal advice.

Below we introduce the barefoot running communities around the world – regardless of where you live, barefoot running can be very accessible – each article introduces the best places to run barefoot, where you can buy good, value-for-money barefoot running shoes locally, and local support communities you can join to learn more from the more experienced.

Barefoot Running Singapore – Despite being known as a concrete jungle, Singapore still has many excellent places for barefoot running.

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