CrossFit and Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

If you love to box jump, clean and jerk, kipping, split lifts, air squats and thrusts and enjoy pushing yourself to the limit, you probably enjoy CrossFit. CrossFit has been the latest and hottest trend in athletics, training and sports. Crossfit facilities across the country have been getting very popular. People travel across country to see popular competitions between the best of the best in CrossFit. As people try to get the competitive edge and improve their CrossFit times, everything from athletic gears to shoes become increasingly important. That’s where Vibram Five Fingers comes in. Below are some images of CrossFit athletes utilizing the power, balance and comfort of Vibram Five Fingers.


The popularity of Vibram Five fingers shoes in CrossFit makes total sense. The grip on the bottom of the shoes provides each athlete full control over their footing. Using more of your foots natural stabilizers, athletes say they notice a huge different in comfort. Because it uses the natural footing ans positing of your barefoot, the risk of injury decreases as well.


Although Nike has a few pairs of shoes that are also popular with CrossFit such as the Nike Free model of shoes, Vibram Five Fingers are growing at a faster rate. I’ve been told that many athletes that try out the Vibram Five Fingers shoes never go back.