Differences in Vibram FiveFingers Internationally

At the time of this writing there is a large variety of Vibram Five Fingers Shoes that are available in North America that aren’t available else where such as UK and Australia. China currently only has a handful of Vibram Five Fingers, the original 4 (Classic, Sprint, KSO and Flow). But what are some of the more unique styles of FiveFingers only available at certain parts of the world and not in others?

FiveFingers TrekSport

One of the more versatile Vibram FiveFingers shoes out there, the TrekSport’s is a cross between the KSO and the KSO Treks. The cleated outsoles are great for traction and the breathability the mesh offers is great. The TrekSport is great for trial, road running, cross training, walking and for casual wear and travel. This pair of FiveFingers is also only available in North America.

FiveFingers Classic SmartWool

Only available in North America, the FiveFingers Classic SmartWool was made for comfort. Not focusing on the actual process of running but what you can wear afterwards to just relax or when you go traveling. The point of this shoe is to keep you warm when it’s cool outside and to keep you cool when it’s hot. As many experienced Vibram FiveFingers enthusiast know, when you’re wearing normal Vibrams out in the cold weather without socks, it can get very cold. These snugly Vibrams looks like they can keep you warm.

FiveFingers Speed

The FiveFingers Speed is one of the more popular and hot items outside of the U.S. The Speed is currently available in Europe although there have been rumors that they may sell in the U.S. as well in the near future. Designed for natural running and walking, the laced up speed looks the closes to actual running shoes. I’m definitely digging the new blue and white colors as well.

FiveFingers Classic Paillettes

Just when you thought the Vibram FiveFingers shoes weren’t flashy enough or made you stand out enough, our friend’s outside of North America (minus China) come out with the FiveFingers Classic Paillettes. These shoes are pretty much like the classics but have a cascade of multicolored sequins which makes it nice and shiny. You can get it in shiny black or silver.

China and The Shanghai Expo

Although China currently only sells 4 types of Vibram FiveFingers (Classic, Sprint, KSO and Flow), this may change as Vibrams gain popularity in China. Vibram is currently sponsors of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai and will showcase Vibram FiveFingers. They are currently a sponsor of the “Italian Pavilion” at the Shanghai Expo. To find out more about the Expo itself, go here.

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