Dr. Nicholas Romanov on the Kigo Edge Shoes

The two-time Olympic coach, author, educator and sport scientist Dr. Nicholas Romanov has over 30 years of experience and hands on work with athletes of all levels, sport biomechanics, physical education, and injury diagnosis among others. He is the renowned creator of the Pose Method which can be applied to ANY human movement.  Check out the video below to see his thoughts on the Kigo Edge Shoes:

If you didn’t care to watch the video I’ll give you the play by play. Dr. Nicholas Romanov picks up and examines a pair of Kigo Edge footwear and tries it on for comfort. His first impression is it is very well done and is of good quality. Overall, he highly recommends the Kigo Edge for a nice and healthy run.

For the those who don’t know, the Pose Method is an effective running technique and methodology that has a simple yet comprehensive biomechanical model that encourages every runner to fully use their physiological capability. By using this method, you can drastically improve your technique with whatever sport you play as well as prevent injuries. In fact, a scientific study reveals that it could reduce the impact on your knees by 50%.

The Pose Method was initially implemented successfully into the training of Soviet athletes in the 80’s with admirable results. This was then adopted by some US and UK Olympic athletes in the 90’s and today has been made available to the rest of the world.

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