ECCO BIOM Evo Plus Trail Shoe Review

In this ECCO BIOM Evo PLus Trail Shoe Review we rank the ECCO BIOM in the top tier of minimalist trail shoes we have reviewed. The Evo PLus has been billed as an all-around trail shoe. It does not only project comfort and style but it is also engineered to maximize your power and control. The diversity of running has included conquering trails and terrains. This invites runners to choose the right and probably the best trail running shoe there is in the market. It is not all about wearing expensive and stylish pair but what matters in trail running is how your shoe performs even in taking long distances and if they are able to hold on together in spite of too much action on the ground.

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ECCO BIOM Evo PLus takes pride with its biomechanical construction. It is built not just for speed but also on how to respond well to your body’s needs. It aims to enhance one’s skills in running without experiencing stiffness and discomfort. This is what makes the ECCO BIOM Evo PLus a top choice of many runners who seek ultimate adventure on trails.


The ECCO BIOM is constructed for easy navigation on different types of terrains. It molds perfectly to your foot’s shape and size to achieve secure grip on the ground and delivers high traction. Runners experience a close-to-the-ground feel while conquering the road or trail. It allows the runners to connect and respond well to the ground without endangering themselves on various trail hazards. Its solid and innovative construction and design makes it the top choice for seasoned runners.


This is indeed the number one choice of many runners because of its superb performance on the road and trail. It could easily maneuver different surfaces. It accommodates and performs well on rocky and muddy terrains without problems. You could actually feel how solid and stable you run even on rocky and technical trails. Its high traction and secure grips makes going up and down a trail easy. Its flexible construction maximizes your power and agility. Another good thing about ECCO BIOM Evo PLus is it stays dry even when splash with water. Water crossings seems to be a piece of cake with this pair. GORE-Tex coating makes sure that you stay dry all throughout your run.


A lot of runners prefer the ECCO BIOM Evo PLus because of its simple design. Conservative runners love how the colors together even without mixing bright and vibrant colors. Unlike other latest trail running shoes now, this pair is low-key and tamed when it comes to color schemes. However, other find its upper fussy. Its overall design concept is not merely to attract customers but also to enhance support and control. The lugs are well-patterned that promotes high traction and grip especially, on steep terrains. Its lugs are wider and smaller compared to other trail running shoes. The shoe holds firmly on the ground and at the same time protect the feet from rocks.


Many runners agree that ECCO BIOM Evo PLus fits like a glove. Its midsole provide enough cushioning for added flexibility and support. Its secure grip around the heel collar ensures that you would enjoy a continuous run without having to stop. It increases ankle stability which are needed especially, on technical trails where descending and curvy trails are present.

One issue some people have with this shoe is its firmness. Some runners get too uncomfortable on how solid or firm the shoe is. They find it difficult to bend or flex their foot because of the stiff material. When this happens, chafing hotspots become a problem at the heel and forefoot area. Its heel collar seems to be an issue for some because it is tall for a trailing shoe. The right thing to do here is to wear soft socks that could cover the foot area where the heel collar rubs or touches. During hot weather, there is a tendency that the inside of the shoe could not ventilate enough to provide air. This is the time where you need to wear thinner socks.

If you are looking for long-lasting pair for your everyday run this is the best choice you have. This is still considered a good investment because of its durability and its ability to track long distances. For seasoned runners who constantly race and run, ECCO BIOM Evo PLus is surely worth every penny.

Buy Now: ECCO BIOM Evo PLus

Just like any other trail running shoes, it is highly recommended to get the exact and right size of your feet. This is to make sure that there is enough mobility, movement and support when you wear them. If you have been looking for the right trail running shoe, choose ECCO BIOM Evo PLus.

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