Every Day Barefoot Living with Jinga Shoes!

Dance to the Brazilian beat and music with the Jinga Originals! If you’re not into dancing, take heart because even though these shoes were initially crafted for the Brazilian dance/martial arts Capoeira, which requires remarkably swift footwork, Jinga Originals are now becoming a favorite among barefoot enthusiasts!

Why? Because Jinga Originals are incredibly comfortable, super lightweight, and uniquely thin and flexible! These shoes were designed to provide the best range of feet movements with the least interference to the natural balance of your body.

The Jinga design’s guiding principle for each of its shoe is to get the optimum peak between flexibility, durability and lightness. Weighing less than 300g per pair, Jinga Originals boasts of extremely thin soles with soft uppers that grant its wearers flexibility and enough room to manoeuvre their feet thus allowing their muscles to work with freedom just like how nature intended it to be.

Jinga was founded in 2006 as a company that aspires to capture the vibrancy and dynamism of the Brazilian culture. It is a genuine Brazilian brand that strictly follows a 100% Made in Brazil sourcing policy. It deeply values integrity especially toward its workers and provides them their rightful benefits. Jinga is also committed to support Brazil’s most vulnerable and impoverished young people and children by giving 25% of their profits back to society. Likewise, it is careful about its impact to the environment and this can be seen through their conscious effort to minimize carbon footprint by recycling all their waste materials.

Produced in vibrant colors, Jinga Originals incorporates a dynamic sole design that increases your agility. It has a lateral design that has been adjusted to provide the best protection at key stress points while maintaining its lightweight properties. It has also integrated a cupped sole as an added protection at the base of the shoe.

Men, women and children can now daily enjoy the utmost barefoot experience in addition to a more natural fit without sacrificing comfort and fashion with Jinga Originals!

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