Feelmax Kuusaa Mens

Product Description

If you are searching for the lightest footwear available on the market, Feelmax Kuusaa Men Grey and Red is the footwear for you. Every shoe weighs only less than 100 grams. The fit is perfect that it is almost like a sock for your feet and that makes it really comfortable to wear. The shape of the foot is the inspiration in developing shoes that are made entirely as a walking too. It is so comfortable that you feel as if you are walking barefooted. The materials used are made of flexible and soft materials. You can simply put them anywhere and just bring them out of your bag and perhaps your pocket whenever you want to use them. These are great for men who want to look good and stay comfortable.

Feelmax Kuusaa Men Testimonials


Oklahoma City, OK

Best of Both Worlds

I took up running in 2006 and since then, I could not kick off the habit. My main frustration with my running shoes is that it adds extra weight to my legs, and in effect, I strain them a lot. If I use a thin-soled shoe, I also get bruises. I never can seem to get the balance until I met my Feelmax Kuusaa Men a year ago. I usually pair it with Feelmax toe socks. Since then on, I can’t be separated with my Feelmax shoes and sock tandem, because they make me feel as getting close to running barefoot as I could ever be, without the usual bruises I get from uneven surfaces I usually get in contact with.



My Buddy and Me

My Feelmax Kuusaa is my best winter buddy. It’s perfect for winter shoes because it effectively insulates my feet from the cold surface. It’s amazing how its thin sole keeps my feet warm. The cold climate could not just stop me from running because of the Feelmax Kuusaa pair. In barefoot shoes, I could just feel the cold rising up from my feet to my limbs, and suddenly, I just feel the frostbite and sprain. This has never happened with my Feelmax shoes. Not even the need to wear a thicker sock. Whether in cold or dry, Feelax Kuusa is my best running buddy.

Chris L.,

Boston, MA

Versatile Value for the Money

Admittedly, the Feelmax Kuusaa Men is not what you should use in a rain forest. For your usual run, that model is thumbs-up for me. There are other models that have thicker soles than Feelmax Kuusaa Men such as the Osma, but what makes the Kuusaa great for me is its durability. Its uppers are attached to the sole, guaranteed to stay intact after a 500-mile run or more. That counts a lot for people like me who goes after value for money. Likewise, I can go running with Feelmax Kuusaa without extra socks even in winter and that counts too. It’s just so practical.

Another thing I like about my Kuusaa Men is that I can just fold it and stuff it in my bag whenever I’m going for a few days off town. It’s not your usual bulky pair of running shoes that occupy so much space of your suitcase.

Well, for the minimalists out there, Kuusaa is definitely for you!

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