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If you are searching to possess the lightest footwear that you can purchase, This Feelmax Osma shoe for men could be the shoes for you. Every single footwear weighs in at just a lot less than 100 grams. The fit is great that it is nearly just like a sock for your feet and that means it is definitely pleasant to have on. The designs of the feet are the inspiration in building shoes that happen to be created totally as a walking tool. It is extremely cozy that you just sense as if perhaps you are wandering with just your feet. The type of material used is made of bendable and plushy materials. You are able to merely put them just about anywhere and only bring these out of your bag and probably your pocket every time you wish to use them. This kind of footwear is great for males who wish to look good and also remain comfortable.

Feelmax Osma Men Shoes Testimonials


Charlotte, NC

No More Awkward Stares

I’ve gotten myself so used to running with my VFFs but what I’m not used to is the stares I get from the crowd. I enjoyed it at first, but later, it got a bit tedious. It’s good that the market now has a minimalist footwear that could actually pass for standard running shoes.

My Osma is extremely comfortable and breathable, with ventilation that is noticeably cooler than the Niesa. The laces on this model are actually functional, which helps dial in the snugness of the shoe to your preference.

For those times when you want a true minimalist trainer but would rather blend in with the crowd, the Feelmax Osma will be an outstanding option.


Phoenix, AZ

Lots of Features in a Great Package

I highly recommend Feelax Osma for the guys out there. I have discovered the features of this shoes that made me appreciate my pair.

1: Wide toe-box as opposed to current trend of pointed shoes.

2: Breathable which contributes to the durability of the shoes and the hygiene part of running. Since I have sweaty feet, it was good to discover that my shoes are not smelly after doing a 5-mile run.

3: Protection. Not only are the soles tough enough to protect you but the top and heel also have enough protection to make them safe for wearing during work, without compromising the barefoot feel

4: And most of all, they don’t look unusual and attract stares


Nashville, TN

Definitely Worth the Price
I’ve been walking and running on my Feelmax Osma for a few weeks now and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each run. You can’t find a lighter shoe model. The soles have excellent traction even on snow or ice. And so far, I have not seen signs of the sole wearing out.

Feelmax Osma is definitely worth the price.

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    • We’re hoping to get a pair so we can find out just how well they hold up. They look promising…but it’s hard to tell without spending some time in them

  1. Hey Guys. So, I’m run primarily in my five finger KSOs, but I am looking for a shoe that is still comfy, but doesn’t yield someone asking me about my shoes every 15 minutes. I was thinking of trying these out, but I am unsure of the size. Does anyone know how their sizing compares to the KSOs. I wear a 42 in them. Would it be safe to assume I could wear a 42 in these? Thanks in advance.

  2. I’ve put 1000 km on my Osmas so far. I haven’t done a marathon in them yet but I’ve don 20 k+ several times. There is nothing really to go wrong.


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