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If you are looking to get the least heavy footwear available, this Feelmax Panka shoes for men may be the footwear for you. Each shoe weighs in at simply less than 100 grams. The fit is fantastic that it is essentially like a sock to your feet and that means it is really comfortable to put on. The form of the foot is the actual inspiration in developing footwear that is manufactured entirely being a walking means. It is simply comfy that you really think as if perhaps you might be wandering with just your feet. The materials utilized are made of elastic and gentle materials. It is possible to simply put them just about anywhere and simply take them from the bag and probably your pocket when you need to use them. This kind of footwear is ideal for men who want to look good and also stay comfortable. It has lace up fastening and heel strap that make it easy to put on. It also has a fashionable embroidered logos and printed removable insole.

Feelmax Panka Men’s Shoes Testimonials



Thin But Awesome
Feelmax Panka for men has three advantages that made me select it from other barefoot running shoes. Panka shoes are (1) very light, (2) made of flexible and durable materials and (3) it’s easy to wear them and tie the shoelaces.

The first time I wore my Panka, I immediately noticed how thin they were. The upper section of the shoes is so comfortable and breathable, owing to the combination of soft leather and neoprene materials.

Its soles are waterproof, which is a plus point for me. Despite the presence of the shoes, your feet can still feel the terrain on which you walk or run on, which is not so common with other shoes in the market.

In short, you get to commune with nature, as you go about your other business for the day and that’s what I love about Feelmax Panka.



The Best Friend Man Could Have
Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or into yoga and pilates, in addition to having a crazy schedule like mine, you’ll discover that the Feelmax Panka Black Trainer is one of the most multi-purpose models the shoe industry has come up with.

My day usually starts at the gym and after which, I brave the rush hour traffic in going to the office, and after office hours, maybe some partying with friends. In all these activities, I only carry one set of footwear with me – and that is my Feelmax Panka Trainer. That speaks a lot for flexibility.

In terms of comfort, Panka Trainer slips onto the foot as snug as a sock and thanks to the extremely thin sole, the sense of feeling barefoot in the shoe remains as natural as possible.

My Pankas carry me to almost everywhere I go with the ease and comfort of a best friend. Make it yours too.

Christian S.,


Panka’s for Everyday People

My Feelmax Panka Mens shoes are actually my everyday shoes. It’s not just ideal for athletes but for normal working people just like me. What I like about my Panka pair is the softness within the shoes that makes walking a pleasant experience. It’s like your feet are fully cushioned, thanks to Feelmax Panka’s special Keprotec materials. What’s more, it’s also made of tear-proof material that does not easily crack due to heat and moisture, as well as abraded by various surfaces.

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