Feelmax Kuusaa Womens

Product Description

If you are searching for the lightest footwear available on the market, This Feelmax Kuusaa shoe for women in grey and red color is the footwear for you personally. Every single shoe weighs just below 100 grams. The fit is best it is essentially just like a sock to your feet and that makes it genuinely comfortable to put on. The contour of the foot is the actual inspiration in creating footwear that happen to be designed totally as a walking item. It is so snug that you just think as if you might be walking barefooted. The materials used are constructed with bendable and light products. It is possible to simply put these anywhere you want to and just bring these from your bag and probably your pocket each time you would like to use them. These types of shoes are great for women that are active and wish to appear elegant in addition to comfortable while doing so.

Feelmax Kuusaa Women Testimonials


St. Petersburg, FL

Dancing on My Feet Never Better

I’m a ballet dancer and for me to give my best performance, I need to get the feel of the surface I dance on, without of course going barefoot. It’s how I get my balance, and yes, feeling the surface adds emotion to my dance. My practice sessions are never complete without my Feelmax Kuusaa Women. They give me all the benefits that I need on the dance floor. With my Kuusaas on, my feet are just relaxed, just like as if I’m barefooted, and they’re protected without them losing touch with the floor.

For those who are into dancing, aerobics, yoga and other indoor exercises, why don’t you grab a pair of Kuusaas and feel what I mean.


Long Beach, CA

A Dream Come True
My Feelmax Womens Running shoes are a dream. Light, flexible and comfortable. I use it a lot not only for jogging, but as casual wear as well. My Feelmax Kuusaa black and grey (yes, I have two pairs) double as my travel shoes, and my footwear for just strolling the mall. You can just pair it with slacks and you wouldn’t look like you’ve just come from your workout and had no time to change shoes for your next appointment. It just fits your casual outfit.

And speaking of fit, my feet could not just complain. Women of today value flexibility, and that spells Feelmax Kussaa Womens for me.



Back Pain a Thing of the Past
At 35, I’ve been having this trouble with my back for years, which seems to worsen if I run with the wrong type of shoes. I’ve almost given up hope on finding the perfect pair, until I found Feelmax Kuusaa Womens which is the lightest footwear around at just 100 grams.

Surprisingly, I was able to run on the track on it, without my back complaining the whole time. I don’t know about the technical nor scientific explanation for it, but for me, it must be the weight.

I just can’t sacrifice both my health and my love for the outdoors. I can’t give up one for the other and Feelmax Kuusaa has allowed me to have both. It does not only provide for the safety of my feet, but for the health of my whole body as well.

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