Feelmax Niesa Womens

Product Description

Strut with comfort and get the lightest shoes in the marketplace. This Feelmax Niesa shoe for women is the footwear for you. Every footwear weighs about simply less than 100 grams. The fit is great they are almost just like a sock for ones feet and that makes it actually pleasant to have on. The design of the foot is the concept in constructing shoes that happen to be created completely as being a walking item. It is considerably comfy that you just simply sense as if perhaps you are taking walks bare footed. The materials applied are made of flexible and light fabrics. You can just put them just about anywhere and simply bring them out of your bag and perhaps your pocket anytime you want to use them. These kinds of shoes are great for women of all ages who are active and wish to appear trendy and comfortable while doing so.

Feelmax Niesa Women’s Testimonials


Tulsa, OK

Foot Saved from Stabbing

So far, I am very impressed with the sole of my Feelmax Niesa for Women because of its superb puncture protection. I accidentally stepped on a very thin and sharp piece of metal in one of my hikes and surprisingly, it did not go through. When I inspected the offending piece, it was thin enough to slice through the sole and to my skin had I been wearing shoes that did not have a sturdy sole like my Feelmax Niesa.

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