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If you are looking for that lightest shoe available on the market, This Feelmax Osma shoe for women is the footwear for you personally. Just about every footwear weighs just below 100 grams. The fit is fantastic it is approximately like a sock for your feet and that means it is actually cozy to wear. The design of the feet is the concept in building footwear that is produced totally being a walking means. It is considerably comfortable that you just simply feel as if you might be strolling bare footed. The materials used are constructed with supple and pliable materials. You are able to just put these just about anywhere and just bring these from your bag and maybe your pocket whenever you wish to use them. These types of shoes are ideal for females who are on the move and want to look stylish and comfortable as well. It has lace-up fastening and heel strap for easy wear and stylish embroidered logos.

Feelmax Osma Women’s Shoes Testimonials

Crystal Great Performing and Great Looking
Good minimalist shoes provide lesser interference between the foot and the ground.

In other words, the less the shoe interferes with the foot’s natural mechanism, the more the foot will solidify and the greater it will perform its natural functions.

Feelmax Osma shoes for women has this quality, plus the comfort of your regular shoes. I highly recommend this as a light trainer shoes. On top of this, it also looks like your every day pair of conventional shoes and not the typical barefoot shoes.


Detroit, MI

Surprising in the Best Way
I love my blue Feelmax Osma. The soles are the thinnest rubber sole I have ever seen on a shoe however, they are also extremely tough and puncture resistant. The shoes are amazingly light, as well.

I bought my Osmas intentionally for running but I ended up using them everyday for work and shopping. I’ve had a couple of good runs with them too, and they’re excellent for running too.

I was surprised to discover that it’s possible not to have blisters with running shoes that are thin-soled and soft too.


Tuscon, AZ

Comfort Equals Better and Longer Runs
When I bought my Feelmax Osma, I used it alternately with my regular jogging shoes for the purposes of comparing. I discovered that my feet got tired easily in my regular jogging shoes, while I was able to run an extra mile with my Feelmax Osma because they’re so comfortable and light.

Years of wearing high heeled shoes have negative effects on my feet, and it’s high time to pamper them with Feelmax Osma, with which, I feel like I’m just wearing socks or slippers all day long.

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  1. I often get blisters with sneakers; Are these so snug that your foot cannot slide to create blisters in the first place? Secondly, my second toes are very long, do you think I can fit into these or will my toes jam up?


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