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If you are searching for that lightest footwear available, This Feelmax Panka shoe for women is the footwear to suit your needs. Each footwear weighs merely a lot less than 100 grams. The fit is ideal they are nearly just like a sock for your feet as well as that means it is actually cozy to slip on. The form of the feet is the concept in developing footwear that happen to be built fully as a walking item. It is considerably cozy that you simply come to feel as if you are taking walks bare footed. The materials chosen are made of bendable and soft materials. You are able to just put them just about anywhere and simply bring them out of your bag and perhaps your pocket every time you would like to use them. Most of these shoes are good for women who are active and want to look classy and also comfortable simultaneously.

Feelmax Panka Womens Testimonials



Shoes Do Make the DifferenceI couldn’t imagine how important one’s shoes contribute to keeping your running routine, until I discovered my own pair of Feelmax Panka for women. These shoes makes me feel wonderful when running which in turn has greatly contributed to my losing weight. You know how?

Because Feelmax Pankas are lightweight I feel so light on my feet that I actually enjoy running so much more than I did before.  It’s almost fun now!  The grip and traction are great as well as it does not matter whether I’m running on a rubberized track or on an icy road…which means no slips, slides or other possible body injuries. I can just cover the miles without knowing it, and losing all pounds along the way.

Maintaining a regular running routine would not have been possible for me if not for my Feelmax Panka shoes.

Casey The Shoe Fits!
I have long, narrow feet. The natural design of most shoes is that the width increases along with the length, which is to my disadvantage. It always seem like I have a lot of extra room for my toes to dance around because of the structure of my feet.

But thanks to Feelmax Panka Women running shoes, I can just easily lace up and tighten it enough to keep my feet in place. It’s just like wearing a thick sock that you can lace up. If you’ve got the same feet structure as I do, the Pankas are worth the try.


Indianapolis, IN

Snugness Leads to Great Things

The main attraction of Feelmax Panka is that it fits almost as snugly as a sock that can lead to a better grip, balance and control. Its simple design makes it a classic for daily casual wear. No question about these things. The question is whether I can afford it or not.

Amazingly, I found a pair for a great price which was luckily within the range my limited budget, so without thinking twice, I grabbed a pair of my own Feelmax Panka. I haven’t been disappointed since.

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  1. The most frustrating thing about this site is that it is advertised to be for RUNNING shoes. If you are going to show them all – create categories or a way to search.

    Also – barefoot runners who have been doing it for a while are likely to ONLY be interested in shoes with 3mm or 4mm or less soles.

    So it would be good if you ALWAYS included sole thickness.

    I like that you include all the other fashion shoes but would prefer to exclude those. I am looking to try something new – move away from Vibram 5 Fingers….and this site is great – but I gave up because it couldn’t give me what I wanted. Which is – only show me RUNNING shoes and only those with 4 mm or less soles.




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