Flit and Drive Your Way to a Whole New Level of True Minimalist Kigo Shoes!

The fun sure never stops with kigo footwear even as we say goodbye to the kigo shel and star. Kigo has come out with their 3rd generation shoes that barefoot enthusiasts call the true minimalist shoes due to their zero-drop, 2mm outsoles.

Introducing the Kigo Flit and the Kigo Drive!

Kigo Flit

Kigo FlitLadies can now easily flutter about in style with the kigo flit. The flit comes in a Mary Jane design that is so light (+/- 4 ounces per shoe) that you can simply leave it on your feet even if you step on a weighing scale. The flit’s anatomical last has been reshaped to better accommodate a human foot which is naturally wider at the forefront giving your toes enough room to flex and move comfortably.

Unlike the kigo curv, the flit has an elastic strap that not only helps it retain its shape but also keeps it snug and fit around your foot. It comes with a removable insole that barefoot lovers can easily strip off to have a more barefoot experience even when they are running errands. Leaving the insoles intact however does not make it less bare and there’s still enough room for your feet.

The flit is also a great traveling companion as it is very light and easy to pack.

Kigo Drive

Kigo DriveThe kigo drive boasts of the same new features as the flit. It has zero-drop outsoles with removable insoles; a roomier toe box for more toe movements and 2mm outsoles that make the shoes really flexible and light.

What makes the kigo drive unique from the kigo flit and other minimalist footwear are its shape and construction which was designed to enhance one’s balance and propioception that improves your overall performance and posture. The drive comes with the speed lacing system for easy adjustment and fit.

Made with the environment in mind, the kigo flit and the kigo drive sports the traditional fingerprint tread that provides you with adequate traction. You don’t need time to break in these shoes too as they are truly comfortable to use! Thus, if you don’t find it comfortable the first time you wear it, then it’s not the right pair of shoes for you.

These kigos are without a doubt great for casual wear where barefoot is just not acceptable. You can also use these for light activities such as trail walking or hiking.

Feel good with kigos are minimalist shoes that are stylish enough for everyday wear, sturdy enough for athletics and almost as lightweight and flexible as bare.

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