From Kenyan Highlands to UCM: Laban Sialo’s Journey to Potentially Becoming a Champion Distance Runner

Central Missouri’s Laban Sialo is the university’s lead cross country runner. He grew up in the mountains of Kenya and was used to running barefoot 12 miles each day – from his home to school and back several times a day. Now, he’s no longer running on soft soiled Kenyan highlands, rather he’s running on paved grounds and competing nationally with other star track athletes on an athletic scholarship with UCM.

He has the potential to become a champion distance runner having placed 22nd last year in the 10,000 meter race as a freshman despite the fact that he was suffering from stress fractures in both of his legs. The stress fractures were a result of him having to deal with the ground surface as he was pretty much used to running barefoot. Currently, his goal is to get in the top 10 at nationals for this year.

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