Fut Glove Snap Men

Product Description

With plenty of ideas being poured into every Füt glove, you can only imagine what kind of benefits it can give you! Imagine yourself going through a typical day. Wouldn’t it be just grand if you had the perfect set of Füt gloves for every step of the way?
Snap comes in spring of 2011. Its sandal-like design can make any day very relaxing. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to walk around and maybe take-pictures or simply just listen to music while doing so, this Füt Glove is perfect for you!

Snap will surely capture any lifestyle out there. Put them on, “Snap” them secure and you can start enjoying the comfort and beauty that is Füt Glove.

No other footwear can provide the kind of beauty, functionality and impressive over-all performance that a pair of Füt Gloves can offer.




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Snap Men Testimonials

Benjamin Hall“Looks good! Hope I can get a pair.”
Francis Burnham“Saw a picture of this and went straight to the mall. Looks like they’re not out yet! How much longer must I wait?”