Fut Glove Zip Men

Product Description

With plenty of ideas being poured into every Füt glove, you can only imagine what kind of benefits it can give you! Imagine yourself going through a typical day. Wouldn’t it be just grand if you had the perfect set of Füt gloves for every step of the way?
Ideal not only for everyday walking but for swimming as well! Zip’s mesh top makes it hold less water letting you swim with ease. The zipper let’s you put them on or take them off without having to worry about tying, tightening or loosening.

It may seem awkward for a guy to keep putting on and removing footwear when going in and out of a pool. But wearing ZIP can let any man absolutely forget about it! The ZIP can really get you going in no time. Just slip it on, ZIP it securely and you’re ready to enjoy your pair of Füt Gloves in and out of the water! It comes in attractive Red, Black and Gator color schemes.

No other footwear can provide the kind of beauty, functionality and impressive over-all performance that a pair of Füt Gloves can offer.




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Zip Men Testimonials

Steve Wallace “Awesome pair! I never thought that there’d be something better than my current aqua shoes. I was wrong!”
Bryan Sterling “My feet are happier when swimming now. Very light and versatile… It’s as if they’re not even there. Nice job!”.

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