Fut Glove Zum Men

Product Description

With plenty of ideas being poured into every Füt glove, you can only imagine what kind of benefits it can give you! Imagine yourself going through a typical day. Wouldn’t it be just grand if you had the perfect set of Füt gloves for every step of the way?
With each day getting busier than the last, a man can only wish that he can get a day’s worth of exercise. Needless to say, this is very possible with ZUM!

Every step when jogging or running increases pressure on the feet. Zum’s flexible lace makes it ideal for exercise because it doesn’t impede the space that your feet need. You can be sure that every step you take is just as great as the last one. ZUM is currently available in a cool Blue and Black color scheme.

No other footwear can provide the kind of beauty, functionality and impressive over-all performance that a pair of Füt Gloves can offer.




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Zum Men Testimonials

Tony Orlando “I’m loving exercise now! I used to complain about achin’ feet, but these babies are great!”
Fiona Davidson “Got these for my husband… He loved it right away… He looks really cute in them too. Lol”

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