Fut Glove Warrior Women

Product Description

With plenty of ideas being poured into every Füt glove, you can only imagine what kind of benefits it can give you! Imagine yourself going through a typical day. Wouldn’t it be just grand if you had the perfect set of Füt gloves for every step of the way?
Who says only men can hike, climb, and go extreme? The WARRIOR can really prove that women can have a taste of the great outdoors as well! Using an Olive-green and Fatigue color scheme, WARRIOR can truly bring out the toughness in your feet!

It’s ideal for outdoor adventure and stepping on rough terrain. Warrior’s flexibility ensures balance and the shoelace design guarantees security and sturdiness. Don’t underestimate the power of the warrior!

No other footwear can provide the kind of beauty, functionality and impressive over-all performance that a pair of Füt Gloves can offer.

Also, part of the proceeds from the sales of this WARRIOR will benefit ‘The Wounded Warrior Project’ which advocates for soldiers and their families who suffer from the traumas of war.




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Warrior Women Testimonials

Megan Williams I used this during a hike with a few friends in the local wilderness grounds. Worked perfectly.”
Katherine Clover “My boyfriend is jealous of my performance during a recent mountain hike in school. He says he’ll get his hands on a pair and ask for a rematch!”

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