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With plenty of ideas being poured into every Füt glove, you can only imagine what kind of benefits it can give you! Imagine yourself going through a typical day. Wouldn’t it be just grand if you had the perfect set of Füt gloves for every step of the way?
Trying to get that ideal sexy body shape? Always finding balance and good traction a challenge during yoga and exercise? Worry no more, ZUM is here to make all of your exercise routines fun and stress-free!

Every step when jogging or running increases pressure on the feet. Zum’s flexible lace makes it ideal for exercise because it doesn’t impede the space that your feet need. You can be sure that every step you take is just as great as the last one. It gives you better balance during Yoga sessions too! ZUM is currently available in a Light Pink color scheme.

No other footwear can provide the kind of beauty, functionality and impressive over-all performance that a pair of Füt Gloves can offer.




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Zum Womens Testimonials

Yolanda Reed “Extremely comfortable is correct! I’m able to spend up to an entire hour more than I usually do in the gym.”
Stephanie Martin “I don’t exercise that much, but these are so comfy that I can’t stop using them everyday!”

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  1. Fut Glove Zum Womens
    I am interested in purchasing a pair of shoes, but not able to find price or size chart.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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