Get Into the Zone of Endless Motion with ZemGear Collection

If you were to talk about “freedom of motion” and minimalist shoes, then you are definitely going to have to include ZemGear in your discussion. With their “Zone of Endless Motion”, ZEMs has been a leader in minimal footwear for their performance protection for bare feet.

Known for their very minimal, close to the ground footwear with high level of protection, Zem shoes have been designed to let your feet perform as naturally as they were made to do. You can spread, flex and articulate every region of your foot as well as enjoy a roomy interior to give you comfort as well. With the outsole traction lugs that provide extra grip for many surfaces, you can be sure that you get as much protection for your feet as well. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about securing the foot to the shoe as the high frequency tech bands flex with the natural movement of your feet keeping you stable and comfortable in many activities.

ZemGear creators and innovators understand that every person’s foot is different and require their own “room” for that ultimate comfort, natural movement. That is why they have created distinct designs for their minimalist shoes. Their collection offer split and round-toe options that can mould and suit any foot type.

The Ninja split toe pattern collection, available in both Hi and Lo, can give any athlete that balanced barefoot feeling which is quite vital if he or she is running or doing some action on sandy shores, slippery wooden floors as well as uneven surfaces. The different colors can certainly add to the allure and style of the shoes too. The Playa round toe collection, also available in Hi and Lo, can provide any wearer a roomy toe box which gives him or her complete control of the feet’s movement without feeling restricted.

The newest additions to ZemGear’s collection which feature both the Ninja and the Round Toe patterns in their different styles are the Zem O2, Zem 360 and Zem Traveler. The 360 is the feather light star of the ZEMs barefoot collection and is best for runners. The O2, also known as the All Sport Series, has been designed to endure both land and water activities such as gym workouts, runs and kite boarding.

Although every single ZemGear model is made for comfort, style and minimalist form, the Zem Traveler is the best travel companion. You can use the Traveler for any of your out of town trips, without having to go through the motion of taking your shoes off for security purposes. Think of having the best of both worlds: a comfortable, non-bulky travelling shoe that converts into a good workout barefoot shoe which allows you to get in the Zone of Endless Motion in any gym or track away from home!

So whatever activity you are into, you’re sure to find a pair of ZEMs to meet your needs and requirements as well as give you utmost flexibility and comfort for your beloved feet. Gear up and get into the Zone of Endless Motion with ZemGear collection!

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