Get the Updated 2010 Barefoot Running Shoe Catalog

For those of you who didn’t know we publish and distribute the only barefoot running shoe catalog (that we know of).  This catalog is a visual guide  that lists a variety of minimalist shoe brands and what shoes are available for sale. It’s far from perfect, but we think it’s pretty useful if you want a simple way to browse through what kind of minimal shoe options you have.   It’s been too many months since we’ve last updated it and in that time there have been quite a few new shoes and shoe brands added.  Keep reading to find out how you can get a copy…

Normally we’ve only offered the catalog to our newsletter subscribers, but we felt for this update it’d be best to open the general public so everyone can enjoy.

However, if you want to get notified in the future when we update the catalog be sure to sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already.  You can sign up by filling out the form in the right hand column of the website.  The section that says “Join the Newsletter.”

We are always looking for feedback so let us know what you think of the catalog and any other information you would want to see.

Download the Updated 2010 Barefoot Running Shoe Catalog

4 thoughts on “Get the Updated 2010 Barefoot Running Shoe Catalog”

  1. Saucony has a minimalist shoe that you have not included. Would also recommend that you look at I do not recommend barefoot running for everyone, but trying for a short time and building up will strengthen the feet and that is something that I recommend for everyone.

  2. Sorry would love to download your catalog BUT I do not have winzip and I am not going to buy it. You should have a something else

    Thanks any way

  3. I fractured my ankle almost 6 years ago. I have arithritis my age is 71 and about a
    year after I fractured my ankle I began walking and worked it up to 3 miles a day.
    As time passed my ankle began hurting and I couldn’t walk as far..I have used
    good shoes New Balance, Brooks etc and now my ankle hurts all of the time. I am
    looking for some good shoes that I can walk in and not hurt. I had quit smoking and gained 35-40-pounds and with the walking I lost it. Now not being active like
    I would like to be, I have gained it all back plus some. I want to walk everyday
    and was wondering if your shoes would be good for me to try? I have spent
    hundreds of dollars on shoes and now I don’t know where to go as far as shoes
    Do you think your shoes would be good support for me. I do wear orthotics..

    Barbara Runnels.

    • @Barbara, We are flattered that you would ask us for advice, but unfortunately we aren’t professionals so we don’t want you to believe that whatever we recommend that it would help fix some of the issues you have. As always these types of situations are best left up to medical professionals. For your particular case it sounds like a Nike Free shoe (probably 5.0 and above) might be best. They have more support than traditional minimalist shoes, but are very light and flexible.


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