Go Off with a Dash On the New RunAmoc DASH

Those who are big fans of barefoot running or barefoot shoes have might have heard of Soft Star Shoe’s RunAmoc. If so you’ll definitely look forward to the new RunAmoc Dash. This Oxford-like style shoe with new laces sets it apart from the original RunAmoc shoe. The revisions include smooth leather saddle criss-crossing on top of the moccasin which allows for lace stability because it allows the user to tie the laces tightly at the arch of the foot. You can keep on adjusting the shoe to the level of tightness you want without having to worry about squishing your toes since the toe box remains spacious enough for you to naturally spread your little footsies.

The new Dash does not lack the appeal of the old RunAmocs since it is also a great looking shoe you can wear everyday and anywhere! It’s versatile shoe.  It can pass as a casual shoe, but also doubles as a running shoe too! Imagine if you were casually strolling with friends and you suddenly feel the urge to run across the park. You do not have to worry about ruining your shoe or hurting your feet (have you ever tried running in dress shoes?). The new model also comes with different palette of colors to choose from so you can be chic, casual and even formal depending on the color you choose. Taking the color scheme freedom up a notch, you can even decide to just pick different colors for different areas of the moccasin like the toe area, the heel or the leather under the saddle –all depending on what mood you are in.

The new Dash from RunAmoc also provides you with two options depending on your needs. You can choose a smooth leather upper that you can use on the trail or at the office or if you want breathable perforated leather, then you can order the shoe in DASH LITE upper. The RunAmoc DASH LITE features ultra-soft genuine leather uppers that are well ventilated with little holes. Whatever upper you decide upon, the new design still includes tougher leather in the heel cup area so that you can solidly grip around the heel to whatever level of comfort you want.

Running Shoe Sole Dash The Dash RunAmoc offers two outsole options and these are the trail, which are 5mm thick rubber and the street which is 2mm thick rubber soles. Both are made with Vibram rubber so it is flexible. Most people will get more barefoot feel with the street outsole. Your feet will feel secure all the time while not having to lug around bulky shoes since it is lightweight as each shoe weighs around .35 lbs to .54 pounds depending on the sole choice and of course, shoe size.

RunAmoc Dash RunAmoc Dash Lite

Now, you can comfortably and securely go off with a DASH with the new RunAmoc Dash and Dash Lite! Enjoy your run!

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