GoLite Amp Lite Grapeleaf-Brown

Also Available GoLite Amp Lite Black-Silver

Product Description

In order to make shoes that are truly versatile and can perform in harsh outdoor environments, GoLite Footwear has considered shoe design from a different angle. There is a humanistic approach that has led the division of New Englad Footwear to believe that footwear should complement the design of the entire human body to allow it to move the natural way. Thus, a unique collection of shoes are invented to enhance man’s performance outdoors. GoLite Amp Lite is one of these innovations.

GoLite Amp Lite is a crossover outsold which is a versatile trail runner. This is also equally effective on hard pack or varied terrain. BareTech technology provides natural stance with optimum balance and stability on the trail. The internal lacing system prevents your feet from slipping or sliding and it also offers a secure fit. Equipped with Antimicrobial PreciseFit foot bed the GoLite Amp Lite gives you the freedom to customize the width to adjust your foot at a much better fit.

GoLite Footwear employs their innovative Soft Against the Ground dual density EVA midsole in all of their shoes and the Amp Lite is fully equipped with dual density EVA midsole that cushions the foot with minimal weight. The Paw Pad II outsole provides unparalleled traction for better grip at any surface so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable run.


GoLite Amp Lite Testimonials

Daniel Hurley,
Chesapeake, VA
I bought this shoe based on the recommendations of a minimalist running shoe blogger who indicated that the Go Lite was a great shoe to learn how to run mid foot without as much effort in traditional shoes or even minimalist shoes if you are trying to convert from a heel striker. The shoes have a heel relatively even with the forefoot typical of a minimalist shoe. The difference is the significant weight of 12.5 ounces for a size 9. Definitely not a speed shoe but more appropriate for the trail as it offers a lot of production and doesn’t seem very flexible perhaps by design since on a trail, it would offer very good protection.
Pete Larson Concord, New Hampshire,
United States
The GoLite Amp Lite is billed by GoLite as “Everything you need in a distance trail runner: performance, lightweight and protection and durability. The Amp Lite upper also features a TPE saddle that secures your foot in place even on the harshest terrain.” This is the shoe that I will hopefully be trying out later this summer – looking forward to it!

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