GoLite Carbo Lite

Note: “GoLite no longer carries these shoes”

Product Description

In order to make shoes that are truly versatile and can perform in harsh outdoor environments, GoLite Footwear has considered shoe design from a different angle. There is a humanistic approach that has led the division of New England Footwear to believe that footwear should complement the design of the entire human body to allow it to move the natural way. Thus, a unique collection of shoes are invented to enhance man’s performance outdoors. GoLite Carbo Lite is one of these innovations.

The GoLite Carbo Lite is in totality, the definition of the perfect multi-purpose outdoor shoe. It is fast, stable and secure as well as light and agile. BareTech technology provides true “barefoot” make up and makes sure that the heel and the ball of the foot are on the same plane. You can enjoy running or hiking with protection of a high performance footwear that makes you feel you are running barefoot.

The GoLite Carbo Lite has Internal Lacing System that adjusts across the arch, securing the foot and the heel in place. It is packed with Soft Against the Ground innovation which is a dual density EVA midsole that cushions the foot with minimal weight. Calls I EVA Paw Pad outsole that is designed for a variety of outdoor pursuits that you want to enjoy barefooted!


GoLite Carbo Lite Running Shoe Testimonials

“I go between hiking and running when on the trails and this shoe rocked it! The shoe has a differnt ride, but it is one worth taking for a spin. I have two different size feet and this shoe let me have an insert in one and not the other…….I am now a Go Lite believer!”
Anonymous It feels great to feel the difference and get back to “barefoot” feeling but with support of a shoe. very lightweight shoe as well, which adds to the “natural stance” idea. because of the how light they are and the materials in doing so, though, they do tend to be a little soft laterally. great for a medium volume foot and true to size. there’s also extra midfoot/arch lacing cradle used with the laces to tighten up if needed. overall, a great light shoe that can be used in a variety of terrain and worn all day without fatigue!

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