GoLite Tara Lite Black-Lime

Also available GoLite Tara Lite in Burnt Orange

Product Description

Trail running is exciting, exhilarating and of course, a chance to be one with nature. Therefore, it is not unnatural to encounter a host of different terrain and most of them are either moist or utterly wet. With this scenario in mind, GoLite Footwear developed their Tara Lite which is fully engineered for trail running and is well built to be compatible with getting wet!

It is made with a fully breathable mesh and synthetic upper that can provide comfort and protection to any trail possible. It also features the unique toe post construction as well as fully adjustable Velcro closure system for easy adjustable fit and security while walking, hiking or running. It is of course equipped with the GoLite technology of Dual Density EVA midsole which allows you to switch from one terrain to a flat road or to a ditch. And since it is water compatible, streams and little springs will not hinder you from crossing over or splashing across them.

The Tara Lite is also packed with 300 small lugs that replicate the tiny hairs on a gecko’s feet. Aptly called the Sticky Gecko sole, it creates maximum surface contact to give a great traction especially when on wet, uneven surfaces. You do not have to worry about slipping and sliding on water beds as you trek away. Plus, with the BareTech platform with zero drop heel and low profile sole, you can move naturally over uneven terrain and blaze a trail anywhere your feet might take you. You will run, hike or walk a train and feel utterly close to the ground providing that natural barefoot feel of walking but at the same time, fully protected from any of the elements your feet might encounter.


GoLite Tara Lite Men Testimonials


Tara Lite is the perfect trail runner

I agree with the previous review. It isn’t a “ultra minimal” shoe.
But I just appreciate the fact that GoLite did not fall into the “barefoot” and “minimal” fad going on out there!
This is not for people who want to run without any shoes, but for people who want the benefits of running minimal without sacrificing the safety and comfort.

After seeing few runners in the last few races wearing Tara Lite, I couldn’t resist but to try them myself.
Tara Lite has managed to fall perfectly on the fine line between a “minimal” and a “performance shoes”.

First thing I noticed was the post… like the thongs in the running sandals.
This combined with the stretchy outer, the shoe grips my feet exactly where they should be without the heavy-ness and restraint.

Then I felt the zero-drop construction.
They claim that the shoe has absolutely no raise on the heel (most typical shoes have almost 200% raised heels).
As I have competed wearing minimal shoes and trained barefoot for awhile, I was already in my comfort-zone when I put this shoes on.

With slightly cushioned sole and their gazillion number of small rugs, I felt the protection, absorption, and strong grip in the trail.

I must admit, I am not a fan of bold colors, but when I run in races, I do recommend this color.
People couldn’t take their eyes off of it 🙂

Another down side is that it took me about 2-3 runs before getting the shoes to it’s 100% flexibility and smoothness.


4 Stars – Neither ultra minimalist nor main stream

4 stars. Be very aware these are neither ultra minimalist nor main stream. THey are quite radical, having a thong like post between the big toe and “index toe” just a like a pair of thongs. They even come with tabi socks split between the toes. I found the toe post took a little getting used to, and the need for toe socks or tabi socks is a bit of a pain.

My wife found the burnt orange color hideous but a little more trail grime and they’ll look styling enough.

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