GoLite Micro Lite

Note: “GoLite no longer carries these shoes”

Product Description

In order to make shoes that are truly versatile and can perform in harsh outdoor environments, GoLite Footwear has considered shoe design from a different angle. There is a humanistic approach that has led the division of New England Footwear to believe that footwear should complement the design of the entire human body to allow it to move the natural way. Thus, a unique collection of shoes are invented to enhance performance outdoors. GoLite Micro Lite is one of these innovations.

The GoLite Micro Lite is a hardcore trail runner that will keep up with you wherever you want to go. It is fully equipped with BareTech technology that features a true “barefoot” construction where the heel and the ball of the foot are parallel to each other and on the ground. It will give the wearer the benefits of barefoot running or hiking and at the same time a protection from high performance footwear.

As with all of GoLite Footwear, the GoLite Micro Lite is equipped with their innovative technology called Soft Against the Ground dual density EVA. It is a midsole that cushions the foot without excess weight. It also has Gripstick rubber which is a high-grip compound that offers durability with extra traction on wet surface such as we rocks by the lake or snow and ice. Crossover outsole can go from street to hard pack to trail with optimum traction and durability to give you the holistic adventure of being barefoot!


GoLite Micro Lite Running Shoe Testimonials

from Utah
I got this shoe last week and have already put 100 miles on it. No break in, smooth ride, and the precise fit thing helps with my different shoe sizes. I have a 6½ and a foot! This shoe just rocks!
Ali B
from Brattelboro Vt.
I want to be a barefoot runner, but my feet can’t take it. I had read a couple of reviews and decided to try this show. I am so happy that I did. The feel is a bit different, but you get used to the difference in heel strike really fast. Love this, love this, love this!

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