GoLite Nimble Lite Ashley Blue

Also available GoLite Nimble Lite Fossil

Product Description

There are different moods and types of walking. There are moments when people decide to push themselves and do a marathon; a time when they go nature hiking and doing adventures. But GoLite Footwear understands that there are also times when a woman only wants to do light trekking and walking. It is a good thing they have this in mind when they created the GoLite Nimble Light and they made sure it came with different colors as well to fit any woman’s fashion taste.

This light trekking shoe is made out of super lightweight Crossover sole which is actually made up of two densities of EVA so it can transition from one type of trail to a road track or any flooring one wish to walk on. This dual density Polyurethane sole is also quite comfortable to wear all throughout the day so one can use them even if it’s only for a grocery run or a quick window-shopping in the mall.

The Nimble Lite is also made up of a breathable light mesh upper that can certainly bring the right amount of comfort to one’s feet. Forget about rashes or blisters as one can trek the whole day without feeling an ounce of irritation and of course, keeping the feet cool and fresh. Plus, the added abrasion resistant toe and heel materials add a lightweight protection in these areas of your feet that can get easily get abused. In short, your Nimble Lite will remain great looking and will last longer no matter what terrain or path you may take it.


GoLite Nimble Lite Women Testimonials



Casual Footwear

I love how this shoe can be worn as casually as any other walking shoe! Saves me the trouble of lugging around a lot of shoes for different activities.

Nona R

Awesome Shoes

Nimble Lite is the solution when the runner in me feels a little lazy. They are light and comfortable, awesome shoes!

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