GoLite Spring Lite Ashley Blue

Also Available GoLite Spring Lite Fossil

Product Description

Running shoes should not be complicated. It should fit any runner’s ability and provide reinforcement in the areas where in they lack strength. Running shoes should feel natural as running barefoot in any trail that one fancies no matter what material or technology is used. This is how GoLite footwear views their shoe technology and with the Spring Lite trail runner, they managed to engineer the versatile running shoe. You can definitely hit any trail you want without worrying about any particular surface, slope or incline as well as protection for your feet.

GoLite Footwear is intent on providing the needs of people who are outdoor enthusiasts by providing them a good sturdy pair of GoLite Spring Lite Women’s shoe. It is of course packed with GoLite technology like the Gripstick rubber compound that enables the wearer to have guaranteed traction on any surface she might encounter while running a trail. The Sticky Geeko sole technology inspired by the “gravity” defying traction of geekos enables this shoe to provide maximum traction, especially on wet surfaces.

The GoLite Spring Lite for women is of course equipped with a suspension systems that can singularly isolate protrusions from the ground to ensure that the runner’s foot get better ground contact even on uneven terrain and at the same time reduce the movement and impact on the body and on the foot. This is what the power and ingenuity of BareTech platform brings to the Spring Lite women’s trail shoes. It is made so that the shoes absorb the shocks and the abuse of the terrain instead of your feet and legs. It also comes in Ashley Blue and Fossil colors! With the GoLite Spring Lite for women, your only problem is running out of trails to run on!


GoLite Spring Lite Running Shoe Testimonials

T. Murphy “mountain runner”,

Boulder, CO

So close!
Golite, please contact me as I’d love to give this shoe 5 stars and I will if you make a few changes! First, let me tell you what I love about this shoe: the zero drop. I am a mid-foot striker but I have no interest in barefoot/minimal shoes, nor in shoes with big heels. I still want some cushioning, just not a lot. This shoe offers more protection than barefoot style shoes, has some cushioning, good flexibility, and is reasonably light. Criticisms: first, the sockliner/insert has to go. The material is too soft and when I ran downhill, the sockliner made a sharp indentation between the balls of my feet and my toes. This created a sharp line of pressure right up against my toes. One word – ouch! I replaced the sockliner with my own from an old pair of running shoes, and fixed that problem. Next, I want a little softer cushioning in the forefoot of the shoe. When I run on the balls of my feet, they get numb in these shoes. I run 50 miles/week, 75% on trails. I fixed this problem by changing my footstrike, but still, I’d prefer a little softer cushioning – not more cushioning – there. Last but not least, the shoelaces are miles too long. This shoe could be perfect, and I’ll be watching to see if golite makes the improvements I want most.
Julia E.,

North Conway, NH

Felt true to size
After deciding to try a natural running shoe, I decided to start with the spring lite because of the 0-drop heel. I am so happy with my decision because it has both enhanced my daily runs as well as decreased the pain in my knee! I would recommend this shoe to anyone who wants to experience a more natural run without going as far as shoes like the 5 fingers.

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