Haters are now Lovers of Vibram Five Fingers

This was a guest post from my friend and avid runner Howard Polard.


Hey people, I’m Howard, just wanted to chime in on my thoughts about these shoes. When I first saw theme I thought they were simply ugly and a bit creepy (check out the picture above). I swore that I would never wear these shoes! No matter how “comfortable” my friends said they were.
2 months I started to develop pain on the bottom of my feet when I ran. Some said it was Plantar Fasciitis, which is general inflammation of the foot. Because of this I decided to try wearing the Vibram Five Fingers Shoes for a couple days only because everybody said it was so damn comfortable. I’ll admit working out in them made my feet sore the first couple of days. But even then they were extremely comfortable!

I immediately got hooked.

My recommendation is to run out as soon as possible and snatch up a pair. They seem to run out quickly in sizes and color (although this will probably change once they realize the staying popularity of these shoes). I do suggest going to the doctor first before wearing these for physical therapeutic purposes.

I’m sure this type of story isn’t new to anybody that has experienced them but I thought I’d chime in. What can I say, put me on the list as a Vibram Five Fingers Shoe convert. I still think they’re weird looking, but I won’t take them off.

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