Inov-8 TerRoc 330

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Product Description

The Terroc 330 shoe by Inov-8 is trail running and walking shoe that offers high quality comfort and performance.  This shoe is perfect to wear for hard surface tracks and trails.  It features the Terra-shank which is a polymer shank positioned behind the metatarsal heads providing underfoot protection and extra stability primarily for additional support on loner adventures.  This shoe is ideal for training and long distances.  This shoe also provides a secure foot hold thanks to its Met-cradle.
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Inov-8 TerRoc 330 Testimonials


Vineland, NJ

I was looking for a new pair of lightweight all-around shoes. I heard about Inov-8s line and I am glad I did. I took the shoes on a recent trip to Europe and I was very happy with them. They are comfortable, lightweight, and tacky. I can feel the ground beneath my feet! The shoes have mesh uppers, so if it is raining, your feet will most likely get wet. I have no problem with the bottom or sides. I stepped through lots of puddles and had any leakage.

Virginia City, NV

This was my first time to try Inov-8s line of shoes. I love them so far. My feet feel totally comfortable. They are as light as a feather. The shoes are completely flexible and not stiff. They have the perfect amount of cushioning. It gives me a very natural feeling. I would absolutely buy again in a heartbeat.

Cleveland, OH

These shoes are like high performance car tires. They work exceptionally well but also wear out pretty quickly. This is my third pair of shoes coming from the same line. The lugs under the forefoot would start to disintegrate instead of wearing down. They are still usable, but the rubber is starting to shed. I would recommend them to anyone, but just know, they are not the longest lasting shoes in the world.

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