Inov-8 FlyRoc 310

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Product Description

If you want a light and minimalist shoes that are great for trails, then Inov-8 FlyRoc 310 are for you. It is great for off-road and mixed terrain with a great grip on grass and muddy terrains. These shoes provide great support and loads of protection from sharp stones.  It is a wonderful shoe that boasts a top performance lightweight trail running shoes. It offers a polymer shank that is great in providing underfoot protection and further stability for support on longer trails.

Inov-8 FlyRoc 310 Testimonials


Kingsbury, NV

Easy to clean

I bought a pair because my sister-in-law recommended them to me. I find this a great trail running shoe. I used this during our vacation in Scotland. These went through steep slippery grassy slopes and bogs, yet they delivered every time and the grips never failed me. They are quite narrow but that is exactly what you need if you are threading on uneven ground. They are easy to clean even if you spend a day in the mud. However, they do not provide a lot of cushioning so they are not that comfortable on the road.


Crystal Bay, NV

Excellent trail running shoes

These are excellent trail running shoes. It got these shoes for our run in the California Mountains. They fit great on my average sizes feet. They are light and highly flexible. It is perfect for racing and is rather great for daily long runs. They do not slip on woodchips, rocks and other terrain. They let you keep moving. I highly recommend these but just you can wear you old socks in ultra soft and deep dirt. They are not great on pavements since they are light racers. Even though they do not have the comfort of regular running shoes, they make up being great trail shoes for grass and dirt.


Jacksonville, NC

Too narrow for my taste

I read great reviews online that are why I thought try these. However, I find them too narrow for my taste. It is not quite tight for my normal sized foot. I did not give me enough room to let me wiggle my foot for comfort. Nevertheless, it is a really light shoe with minimal padding. This makes it great for those who want to use this for trail running and move swiftly.

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