Introducing Inov-8 Shoes

It takes exceptional stamina, skills and guts to get into off-road running and other extreme sports. If you are into these types of extreme activities and you want a minimalist inspired shoe you probably should check out Inov-8 shoes.  What’s so great about  Inov-8? They are shoes whose design and materials are marketed to enhance your own physical capability…so you can perform optimally.

As its name suggests, the producers of Inov-8 created this brand for the purpose of maximizing performance in activities such as lightweight trail running, fell running, hiking, and adventure racing. Rest assured Inov-8’s shoes are one of the best in the industry. All the shoe models have been tested by a team of elite athletes in the Mountain Sports environment prior to releasing it to the public. In fact, their company motto is, “If we cannot innovate we don’t do it”.

This reliable brand has made a name in the United Kingdom and the United States and is starting to gain popularity in other parts of the world as well.

We first heard about the shoe from my friends Jason and Kim who love to go hiking. They said the shoes were considered “barefoot running shoes” and that caught my attention, especially since they did not look very minimalist at all.  They then mentioned it was more for those who run in the mountain and hills which makes it necessary for the shoes to provide more protection for your feet. The company Inov-8 does promote the shoe as a barefoot running shoe and the design of the shoe was said to be created for natural movement to optimize performance and endurance.

So, how does Innov-8 optimize your performance? The company claims to have all these features and more:

  • Keep your feet blister-free. Most shoes, when used during rigorous activities, will result to blisters that will hinder your performance. But with Inov-8, this will not happen as its lace webbing design secures your heel and forefoot while the metatarsals maintain their natural alignment. In addition to this, the back of Inov-8 shoes is cleanly cut so that your heels and tendons are as comfortable as possible.
  • Maintain hygiene for your feet. Virus sets in when the feet has been kept covered and moist for quite sometime. Inov-8’s breathable design prevents this from happening. If your feet get soaked in water, the pumping motion you create while running pumps the water out allowing your feet to dry more quickly.
  • Give you utmost comfort. Inov-8 shoe models have fine tuning capabilities that support the natural shape and form of your foot. Its lace webbing design provides a secure heal and forefoot hold while it maintains the natural alignment of the metatarsals. Wearing Inov-8 shoes simulates the experience of running and walking barefoot.
  • Lightweight with awesome grip. Inov-8 makers are dedicated to produce lightweight shoes for off-road running and extreme sports. However, the shoes are not only very light but its specially designed outsoles give the extra grip that every sport enthusiast would need to jump over terrains, rocks and other barriers and even climb on walls.

Inov-8 has come up with over 30 models all of which are designed based on the basic principles of comfort and performance. Check out Inov-8 shoes and see if you are suited to  be one of the countless athletes and adventurous spirits confidently enjoying and benefitting from the innovative technology of Inov-8 shoes.

In the months to come we want to get a hold of these shoes for closer examination and review. If you would like contribute to this review process or send us your personal feedback and experiences with the Inov-8 shoes, please send us an E-mail or drop us a comment below.

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