Introducing the Newton Running Shoes

newton-running-shoes-barefoot-2We’d like to introduce the Newton Running Shoes to our Barefoot Running Shoes products.  After doing some more research about the shoe, we feel that the shoe and the technology behind it can benefit runners greatly.  We will do a thorough review once we receive our pair of Newtons.  For now, here are some features, information and tips as well as expectations related to the Newton Running Shoes.

  • One truly effective method of preventing running injuries is to run correctly and to strike the ground properly using your midfoot/forefoot instead of the heel.  Newton shoes train your feet to do just that.
  • Newton uses a patented “Action/Reaction” technology that gives you a running boost without effecting your energy by absorbing energy from the impact of running and “giving it back to you”
  • Based of initial research of reviews of the Newton shoe, runners, even experienced runners do in fact experience better running form
  • newton-running-shoes-barefoot-3The Newtons have what are called “actuators” that extend a quarter inch or so from the base of the forefoot region on the sole to mimic a barefoot running style
  • For a shoe so heavily packed with technology, they are also very lightweight at 11 ounces
  • The price of the shoe’s are more expensive than your average running shoe


For more information about each individual shoe, please check out our Newton Running Shoe section.

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  1. I was gonna ask for these shoes as a christmas prez…but after seeing how expensive they are im gonna have to pass :(. I can find shoes way cooler and way cheaper somewhere else.


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