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More and more runners prove barefoot running to be an essentially helpful method in releasing optimum performance. With the incredible discovery of Invisible Shoes, runners can now have the best tool to achieve the all-out protection for the feet while wearing almost nothing. Inspired by the Indian running sandal, huaraches, Invisible Shoes offer three different outsoles, namely, the FeelTrue™ Contact, the FeelTrue™ Connect and the Vibram Cherry outsoles all of which boast of high quality and flexible rubber.

The extremely light and low profile features of Invisible Shoes’ huaraches make it ideal for running on streets or trails. Its simple customization and lacing system makes it easy for you to match your foot’s unique shape. What’s more, you can express yourself and decorate your huaraches by adding beads, charms and other accessories.

Benefits of Wearing Invisible Shoes

  1. Its light and low profile provide the most barefoot feel.
  2. It keeps the feet protected from harmful materials typically found on the ground.
  3. Created with utmost quality of materials, it ensures comfort even during prolonged usage.
  4. Perfectly designed to keep feet in place while on the move.
  5. Provides your feet utmost breathability and comfort.

Why Invisible Shoes?

The ultimate goal of Invisible Shoes is to give you the best barefoot feel imaginable while ensuring protection for your feet. This product is made to improve performance with its ideally combined materials that promise to endure all sorts of outdoor activities. No matter how extreme the condition may be, you always have a set of Invisible Shoes to suit your need.

The Invisible Shoes’ huaraches are made with FeelTrue™ or Vibram Cherry outsoles intended for lasting performance. It is purposely designed to bring comfort to your feet while maintaining a good grip when running. The huaraches’ laces are made with nylon and polypropylene that make them wonderfully strong and soft waterproof footwear. What’s more, they make the huaraches look quite cool and stylish without burning a hole in your pocket.

Dr. William Rossi in a 1999 article in Podiatry Management said it best with regards to going barefoot :

Wise ManIt took 4 million years to develop our unique human foot and our consequent distinctive form of walk, a remarkable feat of bioengineering. Yet, in only a few thousand years, and with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes, we have warped the pure anatomical form of human walk, obstructing its engineering efficiency, afflicting it with strains and stresses and denying it its natural grace of form and ease of movement head to foot.

Invisible Shoe Styles

Connect 4mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal KitFeelTrue™ Connect 4mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit is best for those who love to experience the most barefoot feel while still having adequate protection for your feet.
FeelTrue™ Connect 4mm
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Contact 6mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal KitFeelTrue™ Contact 6mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit is ideal for people with bigger feet or for those who simply want a more padded outsole to increase their huaraches’ life span.
FeelTrue™ Contact 6mm
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Classic DIY Barefoot Sandal Kit with Vibram OutsoleClassic DIY Barefoot Sandal Kit with Vibram Outsole lets you enjoy crafting your own pair of huaraches for the best fit. The Vibram outsoles are available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.
Classic DIY Kit with Vibram Outsole
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Custom-made Invisible Shoes with FeelTrue OutsolesKiss away your worries of fabricating your own huaraches with the Custom-made Invisible Shoes with FeelTrue™ Outsoles. Simply provide an outline of your feet and you’ll have a cool pair in a few days.
Huarache Kit-Kids
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Extra LacesExtra Laces can easily give your huaraches a fresh new look. Available colors are Black, White, Brown, Royal Blue, Purple, Lime, Forest Green, Pink, and Red.
Extra Laces
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