Classic DIY Barefoot Sandal Kit with Vibram Outsole

Classic DIY Barefoot Sandal Kit with Vibram Outsole

Product Description

Inspired by the Indian running sandals Tarahumara, the Invisible Shoes are the 21st version of this traditional masterpiece. It is purposely developed to share the wonderful experience of barefoot running that does not really leave your feet at risk. Steven Sashen, founder of the Invisible Shoes, started the craze when he completely fabricated the first pattern of the all-new huarache. Invisible Shoes prides itself with its lightweight and fashionable look. Best of all, you can choose which tying style you want and you can even change the color of the laces depending on what you are wearing!

While some people prefer ready-made huaraches, there are others who enjoy crafting their own pair of barefoot sandals with the Classic DIY Barefoot Sandal Kit with Vibram Outsole. The Classic DIY kit is the original kit that Invisible Shoes began selling back in November 2009. This DIY kit includes a 4mm thick outsole of Vibram Cherry material that’s available in three sizes: Standard Size (9″x11″), Large Size (11″ x 12″), and the Kid’s Size (7.5″ x 9″ sheet). If you have larger feet, you can simply get in touch with Invisible Shoes to request for a sheet in your size. Enjoy the popular Vibram outsoles minus the confines of the shoes with Invisible Shoes’ Classic DIY Barefoot Sandal Kit in four colors: Cream, Amber, Black and Dark Brown!

Classic DIY Barefoot Sandal Kit with Vibram Outsole Testimonials

Peter Soft and flexible

I like this material. I already have the 4mm connect but it seems that this material is slightly softer and flexible that the 4mm Connect. I would also like to suggest for Invisible Shoes should come up with new lace materials. That would add more fun to it. There could even be “elastic nets” that wrap around the feet instead of laces. Look forward to more products from IS.

Elmer K. Run stronger for 20 bucks

I have been running on the classic soles for ~8 months and have noticed I run stronger, farther, smarter, and with more control than previously. Of course, it took about 2 months to get over some sore feet and blisters from over-exertion, but that’s where the ‘smarter’ should kick in.

I have a backup kit, but haven’t cut into them yet since my original soles are in fine condition. Personally, the only thing I had to replace were my laces on my right sandal; for some reason, the under-sole knot gets worn and rips off every month. Never a problem with my left; it’s never been replaced.

Other than this minute personal problem, my huaraches are great! I have been starting to run mainly barefoot, and these sandals have trained me well! But like a safety blanket, I still carry them with me, just in case…

Kim The best sandals in the world – no, seriously.

I LOVE my Invisible Shoes!

I have (ehem) odd toes, with my middle toe being the longest, and I have long struggled to find any shoe that fits me correctly. The kit is the best choice, for me, as even the shape of the FeelTrue doesn’t work with my weird toes. The fact that the kit is 100% custom is wooooonderful.

When I am not barefoot, I am wearing my Invisibles (except in the very cold winters that we have here in Wyoming at 6200 ft) – for walking, jogging, every day use and hiking.

I have worn them in many terrains – from summer high desert walking on the hot ground to hard-core hiking up very rocky trails that have turned to streams in the rain – and they’ve performed spectacularly!

I have used the alternative lacing method that is illustrated in the “Kelly’s No Knot Method” video in the “tying” section of this website, and it is absolutely the best if you will be walking or hiking in wet conditions (in my humble opinion). The shoes don’t slide at all with this method of tying.
I highly recommend these fantastic sandals.

Tom Best Barefoot Alternative

I’ve had my huaraches for almost a year now, and I love them. These replaced the vibram five fingers as my favorite running shoe. They are more comfortable (with a little adjusting) and more affordable. They are extremely light and don’t take up any room in a backpack. I highly recommend them.

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