Connect 4mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit

Connect 4mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit

Product Description

Comfort and lasting endurance are the main features which make Invisible Shoes one of the highly appreciated running footwear. It is obvious in the product’s quality and standard that the manufacturer concentrates largely on the value of barefoot running for maximum performance. The perfect combination of materials that spell durability and convenience has resulted to footwear that promises to withstand the extreme demand of outdoor activities. Invisible Shoes’ aim to make their huaraches the preferred footwear for both outdoor activities and everyday use has led it to provide you with a selection of laces in different likable colors.

One of the best things about Invisible Shoes is the Connect 4mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit which enables you to personalize your huarache. This shoe style is ideal for people who want a more barefoot feel but still prefer to have a lightweight yet strong and flexible outsole for protection. Aside from the thrill of giving you the experience of assembling your own huaraches, you also get to make sure that the laces perfectly suit your feet giving you utmost comfort. The kit contains a 9″x11″ sheet of black 4mm FeelTrue™ rubber outsoles with two 6′ polypropylene/nylon flexible laces that are soft but don’t stretch or bleed color.

Huarache Kit – Standard Testimonials

Paul Everyone should own a pair.

I’ve logged 114 miles in Huaraches since September 2010 and I have to say I love them to bits. They are by far my favorite item of running gear. If it wasn’t for the cold conditions in late November, December and early January, I would have logged a lot more.

You can opt to make the huaraches yourself, which is fun. If you have enough patience and a couple of hours, it’s an enjoyable experience that’s satisfying too – you made your own running shoes!!
I love these shoes. Everyone should own a pair.

That Guy Very little to complain about

I’ve had good luck with these so far.

Initially, I wasn’t concerned. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I do plenty of barefoot running in sand and grass, and had been working into less shoe on the road. I’d even started doing the last 1/2 mile or so of my runs bare. 4mm between my feet and the road, no problem…

I placed the order and received the package a couple days later. Quick shipping is always a plus in my book. I bought a leather punch from a local fabric store for ~$10. I went online, followed the instructions, and an hour later I had sandals ready to be tied to my feet. This was also quite refreshing, I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. Then I spent twice as long trying to figure out the best way to tie them securely and keep them comfortable on my feet. After I accomplished this it was time for a test run.

Here’s where reality sets in. I read, over and over, how I need to take it slow and ease into it. Me, I pulled a classic stubborn, be a man, don’t ask for directions move. Let’s do a 10k, that’s light enough. 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, oh wait, what is this? My calves have been set aflame by the barefoot running gods for defying them. Just run it off it’ll go away. Idiot! Anyway, I finished the run, and had never in my life considered compression anything, but there I was at the store getting a pair of calf sleeves.

After that initial incident (completely my own fault), things have gone quite well. The sandals are comfortable, have impeccable ground feel, I have no problem with the knot (size 12 feet), no problem with chafing or blistering, no toe flop, everything is great.

I’ve done a mix of terrain in them, and haven’t had issues on trails. I do admit that I’m very dedicated in watching where I’m going. I would prefer more cover on trails though. It’d be nice to enjoy the run instead or focusing on every twig in the path.

Overall Rating: Pure Awesome!

Cody A Lace In between The Toes Is Unpleasant

my own creation, instead of a hole between the toes, 1 hole at the bottom of big toe on outer side, 1 hole at the bottom of little toe on outer side + another hole below that protruding bump beneath the bottom of little toe on outer side. Cutting off the extra lace, putting it through the 2 holes beside the little toes & tying both parts of lace to the other lace beside the big toe

Abbie Stylish, Closest thing to barefoot

After walking around in my new huaraches a couple times, I have to agree that it could be the “closest thing to barefoot.” The first time I walked around in them, I felt a little floppy, but after trimming them a bit and adjusting the laces, they felt great! The thing I like the best is that they look stylish, and can be modified for men or women.

Kemp Love ’em!

I do the majority of my running completely barefoot but the few runs I have done in my invisibleshoes were great, I just had to tighten the laces a little extra for a “good feel.”

Basically I got these shoes so that I could keep up the barefoot lifestyle all of the time and they are perfect for it. If it weren’t for working at a gym or research with heavy equipment these would be on my feet nonstop.

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