Contact 6mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit

Contact 6mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit

Product Description

The amazing emergence of Invisible Shoes has paved the way for more runners to enjoy the exciting experience of barefoot running. Invisible Shoes introduces the benefits of having a barefoot feel while not being totally barefoot at all. The incredibly light and low profile features of the Invisible Shoes make it just right for extreme outdoor events. With its selection of laces in different likable colors, these huaraches are becoming the preferred footwear for barefoot enthusiasts even for everyday use.

While some people choose to grab ready-made Invisible Shoes, there are others who wish to have fun following full instructions in the DIY kit. This gives them the freedom to make a little twist on the knots to create something unique and more stylish shoes. The Contact 6mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit is intended for people who want more protection and longer lasting huaraches which is especially helpful for folks who have larger feet. The Contact’s FeelTrue™ outsole may feel stiffer than Connect’s 4mm FeelTrue™ outsole but it still boasts of lightweight and flexible features that you will love from every huarache by Invisible Shoes. Pamper your feet and enjoy crafting your own huaraches now at a very affordable price!

Contact 6mm Barefoot PLUS Sandal Kit Testimonials

SaraLord Huaraches rock when I’m not barefoot

I bought the DIY huarache kit last spring, with great ambition of running in them. Unresolved IBS kept me off the roads so I resorted to just wearing the huaraches instead of shoes for the entire summer, which was probably the best thing I could have done to condition my legs and feet. Yes, you have to think about how to walk in them: heel or midfoot strike and they occasionally need to take a shower to keep away the stink, but this is a very small price to pay. When it’s too cold or the going is too rough, I run in them. They don’t cover up any running form errors as I’ve heard many complain about VFF’s.

The knot was never an issue and I must have had good luck with tying them as they’ve always been very comfortable. I ordered a spare kit, just in case and even copied them in a leather sole when vibram just isn’t fashionable enough.

Bottom line: Invisible Shoe huaraches are an excellent option for minimalist runners.

John Yanzuk Triple Takes: What are those things you’re wearing???

That pretty much sums it up. Countless runs, a 12k race, and nearly as many questions as miles run. Everyone wants to know what they are, do they work, do they have cushioning, how much they cost. They’re affordable, flexible, colorful, and infinitely enjoyable and customizable. I managed to finally get the laces right and can run upwards of 9 miles in them (I’ve race 12k) comfortably. They have great traction, and are very easy to put together (just go to Steven’s YouTube page and he’ll walk you through them). My fiancee has a pair of Connect 4mm and loves them! I will move down to the Connect next year when the Contact wears out…but so far the sole is holding up with over 250+ miles and counting. Definitely recommended for the hotter days, colder days, or the days when you just don’t feel like stepping on anything sharp or pointy or fecal…

Bettie Lobato Wish I never had to wear any other shoe

I’m 82 and after I got my shoes adjusted, I have lived in them. They’re every day wear…but I do use the treadmill! Other flipflops, sandals, etc. were always kicked off frequently when just sitting. With my “invies” they stay on until it’s time to take them off. I hardly feel like I’m wearing shoes…truly feel barefoot! Can hardly wait for warmer weather again. Great, great shoes!! My only complaint is cold weather when my feet get too cold to wear them.

Anthony Caruso Throw Your Trainers Away

I’ve been into running/hiking barefoot for a while, and one day I stumbled upon these and bought myself a pair. I am a college cross country runner and I’ve done countless workouts in these sandals. Getting used to them is the hardest part, tying them so that they aren’t too tight but not too loose. The biggest problem I had was using them too much in the beginning. I started with a 4 mile run which felt great, so I decided an 11 miler the next day would be fine…wrong. I can do that now that I’ve built up my mileage in them, but it’s important to listen to your feet. They are very very nice for roads, which I don’t like to run barefoot on, or especially for gravel. I wear them just walking around too and have no complaints other than getting the nickname Pocahontas on the XC team… Buy them you won’t regret it.

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