Custom-made Invisible Shoes with FeelTrue Outsoles

Custom-made Invisible Shoes with FeelTrue Outsoles

Product Description

Inspired by the Indian running sandals Tarahumara, the Invisible Shoes are the 21st version of this traditional masterpiece. It is purposely developed to share the wonderful experience of barefoot running that does not really leave your feet at risk. Steven Sashen, founder of the Invisible Shoes, started the craze when he completely fabricated the first pattern of the all-new huarache. Invisible Shoes prides itself with its lightweight and fashionable look. Best of all, you can choose which tying style you want and you can even change the color of the laces depending on what you are wearing!

Invisible Shoes knows very well the need of its customers. The Custom-made Invisible Shoes with FeelTrue™ Outsoles are exactly perfect for people who just don’t have the time to do it on their own. These are also ideal for those who are not quite confident with DIY projects. The regular price of custom-made Invisible Shoes starts at $49.95 which is a little higher compared to the kits. The advantage though is that you won’t have to bother yourself with making the huaraches with your own hands. Instead, you can enjoy the item immediately as soon as you get it. Plus, you get to choose whether you want a Connect 4mm or a Contact 6mm outsole style.

Custom-made Invisible Shoes with FeelTrue Outsoles Testimonials

Kate Best shoes ever

I saw a link for these shoes on a friend’s FB page. I had been going barefoot all summer as a protests against my university, but there are times one must wear shoes – stores, restaurants, and when the summer mississippi sun makes the ground too hot – so i ordered a pair of invisible shoes. they are fabulous. i hardly know i have them on. people have told me they don’t like string between their toes, but you just don’t feel anything. it really is like going barefoot except with protection. i highly recommend a pair.

one more thing. i found the link one saturday morning. i ordered them right then, had an email explaining how to trace my foot, sent the scan and by that evening had a shipping notification. they were in my morning mail on monday. can’t beat that!

Tina I absolutely love running in them!

I’ve had the Invisible Shoe Huarache Running Sandals for almost a month now and, in addition to many walks, I’ve worn them on four runs. Oddly, I’ve run in them once at home in Cochrane on the trails, once in Lachine, Quebec (a suburb of Montreal), Boston, and New York City. They’re very well travelled shoes. 🙂

I absolutely love running in them. They are comfortable both with and without socks, depending on the temperature. I love the incredibly free feeling I have running in them. My feet can bend and move in whatever way they need to while running.

Gary Long lasting, great value

After reading “Born to Run” and fighting some knee and back pain, I decided I’d try to at least reduce how much I wore shoes. I got a pair of “toe-shoes” and really enjoyed them, but then I wondered about something even more minimal. A little worried about how I’d do trying to make a pair of shoes, I traced my foot, sent it in and had a great, comfortable pair of shoes. Since then, I’ve gained more confidence and ordered the kits, but having one pair on hand made making my own that much easier. I have walked a lot in these shoes and never even gotten a blister from them.

Kirstin Minimal coverage yet quite secure

Invisible Shoes offer a unique way to feel as barefoot as possible! Unlike other sandals which encapsulate the foot, Invisible Shoes provide a secure fit with minimal coverage.

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